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Nov 08, 2023

What are you wearing, Julia Fox?

We need more GOATs, and Julia Fox is one of the Greatest Of All Time in her league. The “one of the all-time pop-culture greats,” according to the New York Times, just exposed her weaknesses and her resilience in a 318-page memoir, Down the Drain, released on October 10. The memoir delves into her survivor narrative, volatile relationships and unapologetic fascination for excess. 

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From her Italian origins to the streets of New York, where she has definitely become an It Girl, Julia Fox’s style is the result of all this and reflects the current state of fashion so well. 


Trend-setting like there’s no tomorrow (while leaving the house with no pants)

The pandemic has left its mark in the form of relaxation, minimalism and comfort when it comes to style. However, life is fleeting, and the desire to wear striped pyjamas and slippers out for dinner has been replaced by a craving for everything extravagant, strange and hyped. This is when Julia Fox appears. In Diesel boxers. At the gas station, casually refuelling her car.

Micro shorts, boy shorts, shorties and even (glittering) knickers and (sparkly sequin) panties have long been on the minds of brands including Miu Miu, Thom Browne, and Chanel, but Julia Fox thinks it’s much more effective to just go out in boxers, as she was spotted wearing Diesel boyfriend’s underwear by local paparazzi.

Julia Fox, Artwork courtesy of the author

Moodboard courtesy of the author

Later on, Kendall Jenner was spotted flexing her long limbs by stepping out in no pants — unless you count her undies, while micro-trend queen Bella Hadid rocked the underwear-as-pants trend by wearing white boy briefs on the streets of LA. All of this goes to show how much influence model, actor, and debut author Julia Fox has.

I can imagine Fox choosing her outfit in the morning in front of the mirror. After carefully assessing the wardrobe, her attention suddenly falls on something that no one has yet interpreted as boldly as she can.

Julia Fox. Artwork courtesy of the author

Moodboard courtesy of the author

One day, her eye fell on man ties, which she boldly tied around her chest like a top. Or belts, which she boldly used to cover the most beautiful parts of her body. So accessories like clothes began to conquer both catwalks and street style. Of course, leaving most of the body exposed.


Leaving nothing to the imagination 

Julia Fox generally likes to go without leaving much to the imagination. A crop top in a duet with low-rise trousers or a skirt is the perfect choice, as well as panties brimming out of trousers or even wearing underwear as outerwear, re-launching the lingerie-dressing trend. Supermodel Irina Shayk recently followed the same trend by wearing a set of Gucci lingerie on the red carpet at the latest Cannes Film Festival. 

Julia Fox. Artwork courtesy of the author

Moodboard courtesy of the author

When it comes to latex, another very provocative trend, Julia Fox showed up in a latex outfit at the beginning of 2022, far before everyone, and now the trend is taking over fashionistas’ social media. It seems like she knows more than the rest of us. 

Moreover, spicy themes are the occasion for Julia Fox to send bold messages, taking things to a level that nobody else had dared to reach before.


An effortless, sloppy beauty icon 

Julia Fox’s madcap makeup is also very symbolic of where we are right now. We no longer have the mental strength to satisfy social beauty needs or take ourselves too seriously. It’s time for smudged, sloppy, messy and chaotic makeup, where all you need is enthusiasm, creativity and less thinking.  

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This is exactly the reason why Julia Fox first came out with a bright nuclear eye makeup, which took the name “Bad beauty”. Then came black lips, long, thin eyebrows and white foundation. Just do what you want, and it will be in trend.


Fashion icon or scream queen? You choose

Like a few people, Julia Fox has this unique ability to detect emerging trends. Her fashion choices are often unconventional and controversial, but isn’t it what happens every time something new and game-changing is introduced? 

Julia Fox. Artwork courtesy of the author

Artwork courtesy of the author

After some time, it doesn’t seem outrageous anymore, and her exuberant style tricks eventually reach the red carpet, so Fox knows exactly what she is doing. Keep your eye on her, and you may be among the first to spot the hottest trends of the upcoming season.



Diana Sirosh
Fashion Management, Digital Communication & Media student, Milano


This article originally appeared in the first issue of Six6 magazine (Milan, June 2023), a school project created by Istituto Marangoni student Lucie Scholles as its editor-in-chief, with her fellow Diana Sirosh as fashion director and author of this piece.