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Jun 21, 2023

What if ‘Made in Mexico’ became synonymous with luxury fashion?

They came from Spain, Mexico, Chile, Belarus and more. Sixty students of the MBA in Dirección de Empresas de Moda from Esden Business School (Madrid) came to Istituto Marangoni Milano to attend the tenth edition of the tailored short course Fashion Collection Design and Architecture – Italian Luxury Fashion Experience, following the successful long-term partnership between the two schools. In an immersive journey through the Italian fashion and design scene, participants had the opportunity to learn through a practical approach blending traditional classroom activities with trips to companies and museums. They toured exclusive venues, including Giorgio Armani’s Armani/Silos, the fashion art space in Milan dedicated to the Armani style, and the MA*GA Museum to experience “MISSONOGRAFIA. Missoni and the art of screen-printed fabric.” But they also visited several companies, such as Fondazione Ratti, a textile museum and factory in Como, and the Bonaudo tannery, where the students had a firsthand experience of leather production processes. Are you curious to learn more through their own words? We launched a contest and selected the best stories. Here is one about Mexico City as a beautiful and chaotic city to grow up in, starting with a grandmother’s button collection as the first fashion memory of a globetrotting fashion account manager who decided to quit her job to go back to school. “After this journey into Made in Italy, I hope that one day, the Made in Mexico label will become synonymous with luxury fashion and quality,” said Aribe Sánchez, a talented student from Esden Business School.

Giorgio Armani's Armani/Silos

ESDEN students visited Giorgio Armani's Armani/Silos, the fashion art space in Milan dedicated to the Armani style

Where I grew up, and what influence that place had on me
I’m from Mexico City. Growing up in this huge, beautiful, chaotic city with perfect weather and lots of traffic, I became a stressed human being with zero tolerance for weather changes and who’s always a little late. 

ESDEN student Aribe Sanchez

ESDEN student Aribe Sanchez while attending Istituto Marangoni tailored short course at Istituto Marangoni Milano

Let’s delve into memories – When I first met fashion for the very first time
My first contact with fashion was playing with my grandmother’s button collection when I was just 3. She introduced me to the world of fabrics, ribbons and an old Singer sewing machine with many drawers full of surprises. Since then, I´ve always been drawn to it.

Fashion kiosk by Dolce & Gabbana in Milan

Fashion newspaper kiosk in Corso Venezia, Milan

My educational background
I studied Textile Design, dreaming of putting it into practice and capitalising on my passion for fashion and textiles. In this attempt, I ended up working as a fashion account manager travelling around the world and learning about the industry behind the scenes, which was pretty much my dream job. Despite my love of Mexico and after 10 years in the job, I decided to quit, move to Spain and start an MBA in Fashion Business Management.

What about Milan?
Coming to Istituto Marangoni was the highlight of the course. I was so excited as Italy has a special place in my heart. I admire the culture, the history, … the food! And Milan is such an exciting city, the perfect combination of new and old, which is also reflected in fashion.

Students' fashion collections at IM san Babila campus

Students' fashion collections at Istituto Marangoni Milano

The Duomo Cathedral in Milan

The Duomo Cathedral in Milan

The field trip that impacted me most
The visit to Ratti was a clear example that they value both traditional craftsmanship and innovation with the latest technologies while maintaining the high standards of quality and luxury synonymous with the ‘Made in Italy’ label.

ESDEN students visited the Ratti Foundation in Cernobbio, Como Lake

ESDEN students visited Fondazione Ratti, a textile museum and factory in Como

After this journey into Italian luxury, here is what I think about Made in Italy and what differences I see between my home country’s luxury sector and the Italian market
Mexico shares many values with Italy; we are proud of our culture, food, people, and traditional crafts. I hope a Made in Mexico label will be synonymous with luxury fashion and quality one day.

Visit to Bonaudo tannery 

Visit to the Bonaudo tannery, where the students had a firsthand experience of leather production processes
Visit to Bonaudo tannery
Visit to the Bonaudo tannery where the students had a firsthand experience of leather production processes



Aribe Sánchez
In Partnership with ESDEN Business School