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May 31, 2022

David LaChapelle’s deep dive into the human soul

Hosted by Mudec (Museum of Cultures, -EdN) in Milan, David LaChapelle’s large-scale solo exhibition “I believe in Miracles” will remain open to visitors until September 2022. Including over 90 works, the artist presents his unique vision of people’s emotions and feelings – some obscure investigation that I dug into for a personal interpretation.

Life is full of uncertainty. When many things seem out of our control, our mindset is key to coping with different circumstances and facing the unknown. The way feelings are manifested and expressed to the world can be an astonishing form of art.

Photo by Angelo Ruggeri


Showing the emotions loaded inside is crucial: a sharp-witted person knows how to do it well. David LaChapelle’s exhibition is an impression of unconditional self-understanding. The artist’s photography can be considered a vivid example of the universe we live in today; it’s filled with artificial truth and worldly people. 

The photographic show has an aura of self-awareness. It represents humans surrounded by nature, although he thinks he is surrounded by a society where self-love is the only driver. People have the same attitude everywhere; going to a new place will not give you this perception of change.

Photo by Angelo Ruggeri


Although the perspective of each artwork is different, it all recalls faith and hope in the end. The frame “Deluge 2006” perfectly represents how precious human lives are. During hard times like recent years, the only thing the world deals with is ‘Fear’: the fear of losing people we love, the fear of dying, the fear of losing everything.

The chronic, uncontrolled stress caused by the pandemic can trigger underlying mental and physical health vulnerabilities. Above all, with the pandemic, people realised that luxury cannot protect you, but only the support of other humans can.

Photo by Shubhangi Rastogi


David LaChapelle’s framing in photography has left everyone flabbergasted. When looking closely, each image can be perceived as a treasure. 

 “I’m not one of those people who sees the bad in everyone, but I definitely take my time with people.” – David LaChapelle

As for my own experience, I agree with David LaChapelle’s statement: I believe that all humans are made from souls, and each soul is pure in its unique way.

My dad always tells me people are not bad persons, but their habits are! Nothing is more beautiful than when people realise what they have been doing wrong. 

In this materialistic world, the only thing people should consider is being kind and standing together as a family. The fruits of togetherness will give you the strength to navigate the worst storms. Every relationship is an opportunity for us to rise above greed, anger and power. If we keep love on top of everything, our value and respect for life will increase accordingly. Moreover, love purifies our souls and leads us on the path to good karma! 

Photo by Angelo Ruggeri
Shubhangi Rastogi
Student, Istituto Marangoni Milano Fashion