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in a joyful meme

Croatian Hanan Besovic started his meme account @Ideservecouture in 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. His mission was to spread awareness, joy and laughter from his Instagram page. Today, he already puts a smile on 80,000 faces worldwide.



"There was never any intention to become any bigger; it was just me talking about fashion, thinking that nobody wanted to hear it”, says Hanan Besovic, fashion communicator and Instagram sensation.

“If the meme doesn’t make you laugh, it's not a good meme. I think memes are interesting and people underestimate them. With a good one, you can do a lot more compared to a campaign."

Regarding the power of Instagram, Hanan Besovic explained that a good meme can go a long way because everyone likes to laugh. His intention is never to be mean or offensive, even though he criticizes brands or people. Instead, Hanan's goal is to provide advice and speak up instead of being silent.

He gets daily inspiration from cultural sources and everyday life, from movies, series, social media and books. The difference between him and traditional accounts is that he can share free opinions with his followers, as he has no restrictions from collaborations with fashion brands.

“It's the question of diversity that irritates me when it comes to fashion."



Many brands want to come across as diverse but, in the end, they are not. On the other hand, he appreciates brands like Gucci and Valentino, which include models of all ages and sizes in their runway shows.

About going to fashion shows or not, Hanan says that the bright side of physical events is that you can see the clothes better, but at home, you can write show notes, do your research, and find references on the looks while watching the show.

Hanan loves to create content and post memes and stories daily on his account. It's hard, and a lot of work, but he also mentioned that if you find something that makes you happy, you always have the motivation to keep going. He is in it with his body and soul when it comes to posting, and he replies to every direct message. As a very extroverted person, he loves interacting with people all over the world.

“I don't make a living out of this, that's it."

He answered when a student asked how he manages to balance a passion with the need to make a living out of it. 



For the future, he still sees fashion as very relevant. Metaverse is growing, but people want to wear clothes and feel the material on their skin. Hanan Besovic won’t set himself any long-term goals because he doesn't like to be disappointed. He is an extremely positive person who puts happiness, health, and mental wellness first.


Lorine Klinger and Vanessa Suter
Fashion Business, Communication and Media, II year


Fashion Commentator @ideservecouture
Moderated by IM Fashion Design Programme Leader Giulia Bedoni