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Oct 19, 2022

We all deserve couture, but who’s behind ideservecouture?

We all deserve some couture, right? That is why Hanan Besovic came up with this brilliant idea to create a fashion account from a genuine passion. When it comes to the fashion industry and its “pathogeneses,” a great meme is quite easily enough to describe them without saying a word. The fashion commentator-turned-Instagram-sensation has always manifested you can approach even the biggest of fashion scandals with the right dose of humour – and be universally heard. 

But who was Hanan Besovic before @ideservecouture? As he describes himself: “He was still a fashion addict that was looking at Vogue Runway at the front desk of the hotel while he was waiting to check people in.” Hanan grew up in Croatia and studied management, small business, and hospitality before moving to the United States. He credits the pandemic for his change of plans and the birth of his passion project, the @ideservecouture Instagram account. With “a PhD in meme, a master degree in throwing shade ‍and a minor degree in fashion,” Besovic is “a fashion expert in the making who is sharing his knowledge and research of fashion to an army of followers and fans.”

Hanan Besovic backstage at a fashion show

Hanan Besovic backstage at Istituto Marangoni Milano's Turn Up fashion show

Asked about the rapid growth, Besovic told me he believes the reason is timing, passion, and his approach to fashion. “I started my account when Covid started also. People were home and needed someone to distract them from the situation, and my page seemed to be something people could identify with. I think I brought at least a little bit of humour to a very serious and dark situation but to a specific group of people that love and can make jokes about fashion. And I packaged it nicely. I love talking about fashion and the history of fashion but also keeping it light and current.”

Hanan Besovic backstage at a fashion show

Hanan Besovic with Istituto Maranoni Milano Best Designer of the Year 2022 Francesco Imberti 

With every meme he posted, he won the hearts and follows of 110k fashion lovers until now, recognised as one of the new guards of fashion commentators that have built up their own fast-growing digital communities operating outside the traditional elitist models of the fashion world. Besovic’s message is simple: don’t take fashion too seriously. That’s why @ideservecouture delivers fashion in such a funny and easy way, making it understandable for everyone and making people feel included and not excluded from this sophisticated world.

Highlights frrom Besovic's takeover on Istituto Marangoni's official Instagram account: At the Moschino show

Highlights from Besovic's takeover on Istituto Marangoni Milano's official Instagram account: The Moschino spring-summer 2023 show

Mentioned by British Vogue in the “7 accounts you need to follow for the juiciest fashion month content” article last year, Hanan’s goal is “never mean.” “If someone is doing a great job at a fashion house, I want to make sure that they know it”, Besovic said. “If there is room for improvement from a designer in the house, I do want them to improve and be the best designer for the house.”

Highlights from Besovic's takeover on Istituto Marangoni Milano's official Instagram account: The Alberta Ferretti spring-summer 2023 show

Invited to join the front row at Istituto Marangoni Milano’s fashion show featuring the 10 best 2021/22 academic year graduates as up-and-coming designers, Hanan Besovic then took over Istituto Marangoni Milano’s Instagram account during Milan fashion week. After being asked about how it was, Besovic shared his feelings and how it is to take part in all the shows and experience the fashion week “life”: “It is always good. I appreciate the support and love that Istituto Marangoni has for me, and the feeling is mutual. I’ve been in contact with everybody from Istituto Marangoni, and I know how much they care about all the students and their future. When it comes to the fashion week experience, it is surreal. I know that influencers make it sound like it’s the toughest job ever to exist but let’s be real, we go over there to post pictures of the shows. And that is fine. That is the name of the game. Participating in the fashion week is extremely interesting. It is mentally draining because you have to be more social than ever, but it’s a sweet concern.” 

Highlights from Besovic's takeover on Istituto Marangoni Milano's official Instagram account: the Fendi spring-summer 2023 show

I had the opportunity to meet Hanan Besovic the other day. The fact that he organised a full-on “fashion-lovers” meeting with people who follow him or would just love to exchange some impressions on the topic they have in common is such a significant demonstration of his love of his community. He is the same person both offline and online: open and transparent, always honest, very creative, fun and full of respect. I was more than grateful when he gave me a piece of advice about growing on Instagram and in the fashion industry: “Be curious, be nice, be authentic. Be something new in fashion that feels true to yourself. The moment this job doesn’t feel like some of what you want to do, it means it’s time to stop. The audience and the people will recognise if something is not authentic. And on top of it all, enjoy it.”



Alexandra Birliba
Fashion Business, Digital Communication & Media, 2nd year, Milan