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Mar 11, 2023

A success story:
Re-generation Project

Salvatore Caropreso
Fashion Design & Accessories 2020-21

What was your first impression of Tod’s?
When I first visited the company, I was surprised not only by their large size, but also by the friendliness/helpfulness of their staff. I was also impressed by the excellent quality of their manufacturing and all the quality testing performed in their laboratories. It was so fascinating!

How did you make your project sustainable?
The narrative thread behind my idea comes from the equestrian world. I only used metal-free leather obtained from natural processes.

What aspects of your education supported your creative process?
The research part - from the selection of materials to the moodboard - had an essential role in supporting my creative process.

Made in Italy and technology – how can they be combined?
Manufacturing process for handmade products sometimes take too long; technology can support and speed up these processes.



Giorgio Cinosi
Fashion Design & Accessories 2019-20

What is the “metamorphosis” of your capsule collection?
“Nothing is created, everything is transformed”: the main idea behind my project is based on the re-use of production scraps or defective materials, so that I could give them a new hybrid life. My father works in the footwear industry, and he would always take me to manufacturing companies in the regions of Marche and Tuscany. There, I noticed that products with even a minor flaw were not put to market. So, I came up with the idea of working on these materials to make them “new”. I used unsold merchandise from a company in Abruzzo; I had a lot of leather to use.

The concept of reusing and upcycling is often debated, as some people find it hard to add the glamour that luxury brands add to their products. What is your idea on this?
In the past, upcycling was often associated with “simplicity”. Now, the younger generations are trying to go beyond this vision, and to focus on social and environmental respect. This is what they want from a luxury brand.

What did you learn from this experience?
I increased my knowledge of craftsmanship, although my grandpa, an artisan, had already introduced me to this. I was surprised to see how Tod’s master craftsmen took care of every detail with the utmost care. It’s a global company, yet with a strong personal touch. To watch them work was kind of poetic!

How did Marangoni prepare you for this?
From our exams to every review over the years, all activities and courses are designed to create a professional path for each student. That’s a key strength.



Veronica Tanzillo
Master Fashion Design Collection & Marketing 21-22

Can you give us an overview of your project?
“Wanted” reinterprets the main elements of a detective story: for my marketing campaign, I handed out flyers around Florence. They have a QR Code linked directly to the Tod’s IG page. The idea behind all this work is a dichotomy between good and evil, where good is represented by nature (i.e., the flower theme used for the collection), while evil by the image of the prison.

How did you make Tod’s products more attractive?
For my creation, I used a new type of material which is “Mylo leather”, made from mushrooms. With “Gommino Z” I wanted to give the audience a new idea of this iconic sign by using transparent recycled PVC.

Do you think your academic experience with Marangoni was useful in this project?
Absolutely yes. Marangoni gives you a professional track so you can adjust your skills to the company’s needs.

Who was your mentor and how did she/he help you?
My mentor was Gert Jonkers; he helped me work on conceptual aspects, to make my creation more “understandable”.



Erfan Mousavi
Accessories & Shoe Design 20-21

Tell us more about your project. What is the concept?
My creation is about an alien family visiting Italy for the holidays. I tried to express sustainability by exploring innovative designs and 3D printing.

As an Iranian designer, what is so special about studying in Italy?
I love Italy and its culture. Many friends of mine graduated from Marangoni in London and Paris and I received a lot of positive feedback from them. I chose the Firenze school since tutors there specialize in accessories, which was my focus.

Did you know Tod’s? What did you expect before and what did you find after?
I had a very good perception of the brand even before this experience. My idea was that Tod’s is a classic brand. What I found was surprising: they are a highly organized, well-managed company, but they are also very friendly and hospitable.

What did you learn?
I got more familiar with the brand, and I had the unique opportunity to present my collection and ideas in front of renowned mentors.

How did you recreate an essential product such as the D Bag?
By playing with the manipulation of elements and shapes: it was so exciting!



Silvia Tarini
Editorial team