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Mar 16, 2022

Collective beauty

There is nothing more exciting than collective creations. When a synergistic process leads to a variety of points of view, a new take on the same concept from different perspectives. When 2+2 makes 5.

In filmmaking they are called anthologies: multiple directors writing multiple stories in the same city/location. One of these is the fictional Hotel Mon Signor, from the film Four Rooms.
On New Year’s Eve in 1995, 4 stories take literally place in 4 rooms, directed by Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino – I mentioned it was exciting!

And to give you a teaser of the stories in these 4 rooms at Hotel Mon Signor, a creative team from Istituto Marangoni Shanghai produced a collective beauty photo-shoot, sharing the inspiration and the creative process behind it.

We could summarise it in 3 important tips for good storytelling:

  1. Never be too literal
  2. Give a hint of the plot without spoiling it
  3. Don’t be afraid of the nonsense and leave room for interpretation

So, what happens in these four rooms to make this black comedy one of the most praised and most criticised of 1990s Hollywood motion pictures? (Berardinelli, ReelViews 1995/Hal Hinson, Washington Post 1995)

Check it out and try to guess!


Francesco Fioretto,
Director of Education, Istituto Marangoni Shanghai



Honeymoon Suite

“The missing Ingredient” by Allison Anders



Photographer: Roberto La iacona
Stylist: Jiang Youyu (PG Fashion Design)
Designer: Chen Dan (PG Fashion design)

Models: Lenny & Sasha
Beauty: Firdonyoky



Room 404

“The wrong Man” by Alexandre Rockwell



Photographer: Francesco Fioretto
Stylist: Chacha
Eyewear: Bottega Veneta
Model: Lika



Room 309

“The Misbehavers” by Robert Rodriguez



Photographer: Francesco Fioretto
Stylist: Jiang Youyu & Chen Dan (PG Fashion Design)

Model: Daerin
Beauty: Firdonyoky




“The Man form Hollywood” by Quentin Tarantino



Photographer: Roberto La iacona
Stylist: Jiang Youyu & Chen Dan (PG Fashion Design)

Model: Jhin
Beauty: Daisy