Anna Dello Russo launches 2 new school projects for Istituto Marangoni students attending the Schools in Milano and Firenze. Young talents prove themselves through research and by creating of their own style identity to promote themselves and Made in Italy excellence throughout the world.

Already an icon of the international fashion scene, a journalist and a fashion editor, as well as a major influencer on the main social networking platforms, as an Istituto Marangoni Brand Ambassador since last October Anna Dello Russo is carrying out activities and initiatives aimed at promoting the values, legacy and educational content of the School, offering important food for thought to those who dream of a career in the world of fashion.

In keeping with these ideals, on 11January, Istituto Marangoni Firenze – the School of Fashion & Art – hosted #fashionfood, a Welcome Fashion Lunch focused on the eternal love affair between food and fashion. Every student brought with them a culinary product that somehow evoked the world of fashion. It’s here that Food, one of the things Italy excels at, becomes a guide and a source of inspiration for unusual fashion fantasies. A combination, and not a strange one at that, of the taste that delights the palate and the one that delights the eye, which aims to fully satisfy the needs of today’s fashion and luxury consumers.

The creative experience then moved to Milan, where, on 15 January the Milano School of Fashion hosted #brandyourself, a less classic interpretation of the concept of showcasing one’s self as a product of fashion, for fashion. With the goal of creating a reflective journal that represents them without being limited to any particular topic, ranging from art to cinema, from music to food, the participants were invited to develop their own style identity that could be promoted on social media just as would be done with a fashion brand.

These two ongoing initiatives, aimed at 3-year Fashion Design, Fashion Design and Accessories, Fashion Styling and Fashion Business students at the Schools in Firenze and Milano, sought to help students understand that today fashion professionals are so fundamental to the system that only an alternative approach, one that’s as personal as it is creative, can guarantee the successful results they seek.

In this paradoxical (but successful) attempt to ‘showcase introspection’, #fashionfood and #brandyourself perfectly reflect the Italian heart and international spirit of Ambassador Anna Dello Russo, with a view to the modern and creative development of Istituto Marangoni’s educational offering.

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