Expert Insights: Daniele Pelucchi

Talent Acquisition Manager at Kering

After receiving a Master’s degree in International Economics and Diplomatic Relations from the University of Trieste in 2008, Daniele Pelucchi held jobs in the fields of economics and education before making the leap into talent acquisition in the luxury field. He joined Kering, the global luxury group, in 2015 as Talent Acquisition Manager.

What are the main responsibilities of your role?
My job is to build a pipeline of potential candidates with an eye to placing them in open positions, either at Kering or within our brands. I’m also active in supporting the selection process for leadership positions and creative roles. And I work closely with schools and universities through a variety of Kering initiatives to identify future top talent.

How do you conduct an interview? According to your experience, which are the key steps that should never be missing in a job interview?
The job hiring process works both ways. While I always hope to meet outstanding candidates, I also always try to deliver an excellent candidate experience through all the selection processes steps, from the first contact to the interview process. After all, the candidate is also trying to decide if the company is a good fit for them, so it’s important that their experience with us be positive. In terms of interviews, they help recruiters understand the level of motivation and the candidate’s potential with respect to a vacancy or future opportunities, which is essential to the recruitment process.

Have you ever been particularly impressed by a candidate in positive way? Why?
The candidates who impress me the most usually combine two key elements: remarkable knowledge about their field and passion for the job. Also, being humble is a quality that I value very much in a candidate, especially in young professionals.

What would you advise to new graduates that want to enter the fashion industry?
An excellent way to enter the fashion industry is to start in retail. Working in a store provides a crucial knowledge of the product and the clientele, which is key for many positions in the fashion industry. Retail also offers a number of career opportunities, though many graduates are not fully aware of the potential behind retail.

What kind of tools do you use in your job? Do you think that the working style has changed with the new opportunities coming from the web?
LinkedIn is a key tool for us in terms of sourcing talent. For creative positions, we also rely on specific platforms where it’s possible to review the portfolios. New digital tools have really revolutionised our working style over the last ten years and allowed us to expand our talent pool and reach a bigger audience.

In order to evaluate a profile, do you rely only on the CV and the interview or are do you also use social networks and other specific digital tools?
Interviews and CVs are obviously very important parts of the process. However, Kering also requires our candidates to carry out online assessments in order to test their personality and ensure candidates are aligned with our core values.

What are the main characteristics that you look for in candidates entering Kering Group?
There are four main characteristics that I look for in candidates who want to join the Kering Group. First of all, a high level of motivation for the role to which they are applying. Secondly, I look for candidates who are passionate about our brands and our Group. Thirdly, candidates must demonstrate that they will be a good fit with our values and culture. Finally, a deep knowledge of the fashion and luxury industry is essential.

What are the key features of a good Manager in the fashion industry? Why?
Successful managers tend to share certain skills. They have a long-term vision of their role and their brand. They have strong time management skills and are excellent at paying attention to details. They also have a deep knowledge of the product and the client, not to mention an understanding of the competition and of the suppliers.

What are the soft skills that a recent graduate should have? Why?
I expect recent graduates to have a passion for our products. To be successful in a large group such as Kering, they should also be team players. Time management and organisational skills are critical, as is the ability to work under pressure. Being proactive and flexible are also really important.

What are the questions that a candidate should ask herself/himself in order to be prepared for an interview? Why?
Before interviewing for any position, candidates should ask themselves:
Do I really want this position and why?
Do I share the company’s values?
What are my strengths and how can I communicate them effectively?
What I can learn and how I can contribute to the growth of the company?

What are the questions that a candidate should ask herself/himself before applying for a job offer? Why?
When considering a new job, candidates should ask themselves if they possess the necessary requirements to succeed in the role and whether the job would help them develop their career in the direction they’d like to go.

What are the key requirements for working in fashion? Is there any essential qualification?
Knowledge and passion for the industry is always important. Of course, creative roles require specific competences (of both the digital and non-digital type).

What are the candidates’ academic and professional experiences that generally get your attention during interviews for positions in fashion?
A previous experience in fashion is always a good starting point. More generally, we value students with an excellent academic record and those who have shown a proactive approach in order to gain experience in a specific area of interest.

As already mentioned, an excellent way to enter the fashion industry is to start from retail, no matter the role: any graduates are not fully aware of the potential behind retail.

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