giulio cappellini meets the students

“How to experience the Salone del Mobile week”: this is the title of the meeting with the designer Giulio Cappellini, entrepreneur and now creative director of the new design school of Istituto Marangoni. The event took place Wednesday, March 26th at the Design School in Milan. It was open to students of the postgraduate courses, who crowded the room.

Giulio Cappellini told the students of the substantial differences between the Salone del Mobile, with its exhibition dynamics, and the “Fuori Salone”, which has now become as popular and prestigious -if not more- of the fair itself.

All the students were extremely curious to understand these dynamics and differences, explained directly by one of the founders of the Fuori Salone:  “When we started introducing the fuori salone project to companies, they all said it was a crazy idea, that would have never been successful. Instead, today Milan is the world’s capital of design, thanks to the events which bring the city to life”  “said Giulio Cappellini with great passion, recalling his own experience as an exhibiting entrepreneur, as well as an opinion leader who chooses and assesses the many projects and events of the Milan Design Week- one of the most important and copied events around the world-.

The designer first reminded his young students that “Salone del Mobile” does not equal to parties and time off. He recommended to focus especially on really innovative and valuable events, both inside the fair (such as the Salone Satelline to which, among others, Istituto Marangoni will participate for the first time) and in various parts of the city. He stated that ” Salone del Mobile, isn’t only useful to do Business, but it is mainly the thermometer to measure what is going on globally and the next future in the world, not only for design but for creativity in general ”

Giulio Cappellini has in fact pointed out that design is not only about interior products but is now a global phenomenon. It involves many different sectors (from automotive to food) and covers many different aspects, such as the materials, colours and sizes of the items created, the creativity of the exhibition and the atmosphere that one is able to create; these are all essential factors in determining who is a brand and how they communicate.

There are 4 factors to take into account when assessing a project and its success: the technology and materials with which the product is made; the product flexibility – meaning its ability to adapt to any environment and place-, its functionality and consistency throughout the world and for all cultures, and finally, the way of presenting it at a fair. This is quickly and easily understandable in case the project is a real one that will be developed, or if it’s simply a concept that will be adapted to the market: “today the real goal is to create innovative products that are also able to enter the market immediately, in order to prevent them from being copied after the fair” – says the designer, who is an entrepreneur for one of the major Italian design companies.

“Regarding the fuori salone, the first term is Quality “, says Cappellini. “It is true that the city has livened up with more than 20,000 people from all over the world and there are so many parties and attractions, but we must never lose sight of the true nature of the event, which is the professional and design part of it”.

With regards to this, it is important to examine the scenic design of the installations, to think of the exhibitions as a global communication event. Above all, we should always ask ourselves what is behind such show or exhibition – in terms of concept and image that the brand wants to create- valuing the passion and technology that have led to a certain choice, which is not always just aimed at the show in itself.

Then Giulio Cappellini concludes, reminding the students of the importance of the details and the design focus of what you want to create and communicate, inviting them to think of the design week at the fair as an important opportunity for learning and growth.

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