The new academic year is just around the corner and Istituto Marangoni Milano Fashion prepares itself reorganizing its spaces and classrooms to allow the reopening of Piazza San Babila and Via Verri schools in total safety, with the aim to further increase the level of service offered to students, albeit in compliance with current regulations to deal with the Covid-19 emergency.

The project, started by Istituto Marangoni, is called Back To School: it is curated by ADAPT – the study center founded in 2000 by prof. Marco Biagi to promote studies and research in the field of industrial and labor relations, in an international and comparative perspective – in collaboration with eFM – a company specialized in the reorganization of spaces -, and validated by an interdisciplinary team of experts in health and safety about work and interior architecture

Thanks to a prestigious team of professionals, “anti-Covid” security procedures and protocols are differentiated by type of environment (classrooms, laboratories, libraries) and educational activities.

The maximum capacities of the rooms are identified and test-fit conducted on the study stations. An algorithm will analyze spaces, will simulate flows and then will estimate times and places during which congestion could be created. In this way, the occupancy is identified in line with the new standards of protection against the spread of Covid-19 through a smart management of the scheduling of activities, interconnected with the available spaces. Furthermore, the ventilation systems have been adapted to increase the external air flow and to improve the dilution effect, as well as to keep the specific environmental humidity always above 40%.

The flows of people entering and exiting the rooms are instead regulated by an automated counting system integrated with suitably positioned digital traffic lights, which generate personalized alerts in the event of exceeding the density thresholds. The people counter sensor will calculate the passage of people.

The digital traffic light will indicate the possibility of entry based on the maximum number of people allowed. The count updated in real time can take place both on the display and on the mobile APP, with the indication of any queues or the green light for access to common spaces and services.

Obviously, all these important and useful services are added to the already implemented measures starting from May by Istituto Marangoni: the thermo scanner, the distribution of masks and the obligation to use them for students, teachers and staff, the sanitation of the rooms and the placeholder of each student session.

The aim of Istituto Marangoni is to allow students and teachers to come back safely to places that have always welcomed educational quality, cultural exchange and the best training: classrooms, library and laboratories.

The Istituto Italiano del Marchio di Qualità – one of the most authoritative international certification, assessment and inspection entity – will be involved to qualify, as an independent third party, the validation of the project developed in collaboration with Adapt and eFM. IMQ has been operating in the field of safety and quality for over 70 years, also operating as a technical contact for ministries and competent authorities for all the necessary checks for market control purposes.

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