On Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 January 2019 Istituto Marangoni London hosted two events that were part of LFWM 2019.

Following the relocation of London Fashion Week to vibrant Shoreditch, home to some of the hippest brands including Istituto Marangoni London, this year the school had the opportunity to be an active protagonist during fashion week, hosting two events on the official LFWM schedule.

Istituto Marangoni London transformed its interiors, creating an edgy atmosphere to host the PRONOUNCE A/W Menswear Collection show on 5 Jan at 10 a.m. PRONOUNCE is an up-and-coming brand founded by Yushan Li and Istituto Marangoni alumnus Jun Zhou, who graduated from the London School of Fashion in 2013. The brand focuses on developing handcrafted designs that reflect the modern wardrobe while pushing the boundaries of the ‘genderless’ concept. Dedicated to every individual, Pronounce’s latest collection, Beam of Light A/W19, enchanted guests at the fashion show, with its carefully crafted structural lines, textured abstract face collages and delicate hand-sewn piping.

The second event saw Japanese-born designer MICHIKO KOSHINO, a favourite of David Bowie, Stella McCartney and Candy Ken to name just a few of her fans, and one of the industry’s original innovators, present her latest collection at Istituto Marangoni London on 6 Jan at 1:30 p.m. A pattern cutter by trade, Michiko’s deep understanding of silhouettes, materials and quality has cemented her reputation as a master of her craft. Constantly experimenting with fabrics, her instantly recognisable inflatable coats and denim pieces have become synonymous with Koshino. Today, Michiko remains at the helm of the brand with innovation, quality and progress driving everything the atelier produces. Her A/W19 collection features structured silhouettes and linear textures that are combined with subtle playful elements and internationally inspired sensibilities; the result is an assemblage of garments that are overtly masculine and yet, still present a sense of intimacy.

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