On the occasion of the XII Florence Biennale, Istituto Marangoni Firenze presents the works of the students who obtained their diploma in Multimedia Arts in 2019.

Edoardo Celadon, Evangelina Mavrina and Giada Restivo, at the end of their cycle of studies, produced three works, a production aimed at representing the complexity and various meanings of the word “multimedia”, intended as a set of devices for storing and transmitting information using images, sounds and data processing programs. The three pieces were previewed in the 2019 end-of-year exhibition entitled “multimedia /mʌl.tiˈmiːdi.ə/”. These works are now rethought by the alumni for the exhibition spaces of the Florence Biennale, an international event dedicated to the visual arts and design that takes place from October 18 to 27 at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence.

YOUR MINUTES OF FREEDOM by Edoardo Celadon is the natural evolution of the installation presented at the Marino Marini Museum entitled LORE BERT. OLD PLACES AND NEW MIRACLES. The audience, guided by an audio track, is invited to rediscover the pleasure of dedicating their free time to playing with a simple material such as paper, giving space to their imagination as they did during childhood. The playful moment is seen here as a useful break to gain a new awareness of one’s limits and abilities.

In 1 PLUS 1 EQUALS 1, Evangelina Mavrina‘s artwork consists of a video installation that is a documentation of a performance. As the artist and her professional partner don’t see each other there is an increased sensory connection between them that lighting up more and more. The continuous cycle of actions represents the time spent in a relationship between a man and a woman that seems to be never interrupted. “1 plus 1 equals 1 – it is not about an illusion of a union where two entities become one, instead it suggests that in fact we are all alone. I am a whole one.”

The human being is forced to make choices. Why? The video work entitled AØ by Giada Restivo offers the audience a journey full of cinematographic references with the aim of bringing the viewer into another dimension, through the analysis of the dark secrets of our universe and the possible existence of alternative realities. AØ is a code, an algorithm that pushes us to reflect on how much cinema can influence entire generations in life choices and on the possibility that in the future an algorithm could take control of our free will.

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