Marangoni / New Era

Istituto Marangoni London unveiled NEW ERA, a unique fashion show in which the ten best talents of the year showcased their collections, a personal reflection on the future driven by the contamination between fashion, technology and environment. A true celebration of the designers of tomorrow, who are conscious, forward-thinking and tech-savvy. But most of all, they are optimistic and determined to express new utopian ideals through their creations.

The ten Fashion Design students have been selected to showcase their creations, chosen by an authoritative Jury of industry professionals who have carefully and passionately selected the winners. Each of the chosen talents presented six outfits on the runway, the result of research and experimentation carried out during the three-year academic period.

The inspirations come from near and afar, ranging from Chinese traditions to Italian heritage and performance arts, through history and futuristic lenses, all the way through the 60s and 70s swinging London and the USSR Russia from the 20s. The reach in terms of creative outcome is entirely global, as a reflection of both London’s and the School’s international approach and horizons.

Mittelmoda finalist Andrea Roman will showcase a full menswear collection, Natalia Esteve Garcia Ancira will showcase both womenswear/menswear collections and all other graduates: Silje Wamnes, Arian Krasniqi, Ao Lun He, Rebecca Shamoon, Kristina Novikova, Vinny Lim, Antonia Garcia and Gaia Burani are debuting on the catwalk with womenswear.

“The Fashion Show 2019 is an exciting creative collaboration between our wonderful new designers, the School and HUNGER TV.” – says Charlotte Gorse, School Director of Istituto Marangoni London – “The values and beliefs of this new generation of fashion designers provide really exciting views on the world of tomorrow. We can confidently watch our future being defined by creative minds who see challenge as opportunity and responsibility as empowerment. Our work with HUNGER TV has encapsulated the individual world view of each designer, whilst embracing the creative diaspora of London. This Show is a wonderful synergy of fashion, film, photography and music.”

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