Marangoni / Refracted Futures: the best Product, Interior & Visual Design projects

The Design school in Milano opens its doors to the public and presents this year’s Degree Show, a curated exhibition featuring the students’ best projects of Product, Interior and Visual Design. An opportunity for students, press and the industry alike to explore and interact with the multiple scenarios imagined by the young talents, portraits of the complex and fascinating future.

For the exhibition, nine works were chosen, selected by an internal and external commission and considered the most representative for the work done by the designers throughout the year. The students of Industrial Product & Furniture Design have reflected on how their generation will live in the near future. They have therefore proposed new concepts of mobile solutions for the adoption of self-driving vehicles. Those of Interior Design have dealt with a conversion project of an industrial space, having to express the location’s identities and values. Furthermore, Visual & Multimedia students faced the themes of their generation and of a society that is now entering into a mature first phase of the digital age; the challenge was to come up with projects that confirm the ability of technology to inspire the everyday life.

“This year’s Degree Show fully expresses the concept of the future: what our talents have in front of us and what is reflected in the creativity and visions expressed by the projects on display.” comments Massimo Zanatta, School Director of Istituto Marangoni Milano Design “The selected works stimulate critical reflection on the behaviour of the new generations and reflect the idea of ​​a design that increasingly dialogues with technology and makes it its own, to deliver truly innovative solutions and scenarios.”

 “Each project on display provides an original interpretation of a relevant theme in today’s design scenario and, taken together, all the proposals represent a fundamental component of the School’s cultural mission: to prepare new talents for tomorrow’s design.” says Mark Anderson, Director of Education, “Students have explored themes linked to the latest social and creative trends, reflecting on their own generation and its growing role as a protagonist in influencing the present and forming what will be their world.”

The exhibition is the result of a choral work, which involved some ex-students of Istituto Marangoni and the designers of the “Prisma Project“, the selected team of alumni that the school involves in special projects: Shi, Chiara Castagnola and Martina Ivaldi.


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