Dazzling Italian street artist Millo stopped by Istituto Marangoni Mumbai to meet with students and talk about his experience, his love for art and the secrets of his international success.

It is undeniable that street artists are having a moment in India. People seem to like the verve and colour of street art, and urban projects are popping up all over the country’s big cities, far outstripping any political or intellectual relevance. That is enough to grant cities such as Mumbai and Delhi a spot on the global graffiti map.

While in India to join his fellow artists from Mumbai’s Mahim Art District at the St+Art Festival this past 15 January 2019, Francesco Camillo Giorgino, aka Millo, was invited to deliver an exclusive masterclass at the Mumbai Istituto Marangoni Campus. Part of the School’s mission to promote talents through direct interactions with prominent figures from the worlds of fashion, art and design, initiatives like “A Conversation With” offer students the chance to see their future potential, and at the same time serve as an opportunity to share and foster debates around important industry-related issues. Millo spoke about his art and his views on modern cities, sharing his stylistic choices with enthusiastic students and discussing how he has gone about discovering what he really wants to say through his art.

Millo has been painting large-scale murals for a decade now, and has developed into a thoughtful, penetrating artist who is able to convey strong messages of positive openness and hope. His works have been exhibited in popular galleries around the globe, from Berlin and London to Chicago and LA, and he has been featured in numerous web and print magazines, including the Huffington Post, Corriere della Sera and Art Vibes.

Symbolism plays an important role in Millo’s works. He wants his art to raise questions. He is especially interested in decoding the hidden meaning behind an artwork and draws inspiration from everything that happens in his everyday life. His murals are characterised by simple black and white lines combined with a dash of colour, along with strong architectural elements that can be traced back to his past architectural studies. His plain, monochromatic structures depict unassuming figures that signify his own ideas or state of mind. On his Indian adventure, as one of the final artists on the roster of Mumbai’s St+art Festival, Millo drew a little boy holding an umbrella amidst a downpour of flowers: “It’s all about being happy in your own little space with your thoughts” he said, explaining how he has decided to celebrate India’s rich culture and diversity by means of his own brand of beauty.

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