Moving forward together

This is a defining moment with COVID-19 triggering a worldwide emergency, pushing all of us to find new ways to work, study, live. The result is inspiring.

This is why Istituto Marangoni has decided to navigate this “new normal” together with its students community around the world, locking arms virtually to help this incredible source of talents to stay connected and continue the academic path towards their future.

Distant learning, virtual labs, talks, workshops, digital Open Days: these are just some of the activities that Istituto Marangoni have implemented very rapidly as soon as the lockdown started, guaranteeing didactic continuity and exclusive content.

Istituto Marangoni is the only network in the higher education field that has developed such a large-scale digitalization project.

To date, all the courses provided have been digitally converted, using the Zoom and Blackboard Collaborate platforms, with excellent results. A widespread diffusion of lessons, which also reaches students who have chosen to return to their countries of origin: the recordings of the teaching hours are in fact translated and sent to the students who are in a time zone of +5 or -5 hours.

Istituto Marangoni has deployed all technological resources available to guarantee a full web experience for Virtual Laboratories during Covid lockdown thus providing access to academic software also outside the schools, at any time of the day, Saturdays and Sundays included, and from any device (Windows, Mac, Tablet)This way students had no need to install any software on their devices and since the whole process is back-end, it is not affected by the student’s device performance.

Virtual labs capable of covering all graphic functions, even the most advanced, were also guaranteed, providing students and teachers with virtual desktops with all the necessary academic software to be used on any device.

Also the laboratory dedicated to 3D printing is guaranteed remotely and applied as per the educational program.

In addition to the lessons, the exam sessions also proceed as scheduled.

Strengthened by his enthusiasm and participation of the students community into all the digital activities implemented in these months, now the time has come to start a new phase.

Istituto Marangoni intends to face the weeks and months that will come with a positive approach, taking advantage of an historical moment that requires reflection and action. For Istituto Marangoni’s network, this means a first re-opening, starting from the beginning of June, of laboratories and libraries so to allow students to attend workshops, start to re-engage with their peers and live the unique experience they have lived up to now within the network schools around the world.

To ensure the long term academic path of the students community, Istituto Mrangoni is  ready for the next intake to deliver “blended courses”  to meet the needs of the international students who might face issues in getting back to the school’s country. The blended formula consists in a mix of courses held in the classroom, for those who manage to get back to school, and e-learning for distant students. Moreover, Istituto Marangoni schools in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Mumbai and Miami are welcoming, for the first quarter of the intake, international students that cannot temporarily get back to their schools.

The aim is to ensure continuity in the academic path in any way, in any place, at any time, overcoming any kind of barriers, so that Istituto Marangoni community keeps of being an epicenter of creativity and talent.






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