The Mumbai School Grand Opening

Istituto Marangoni inaugurates its first educational facility in India: the Mumbai School of Fashion is located at Ceejay House, Worli in the heart of the city, and hosts a wide set of training resources and tools aimed to provide fashion students and industry professionals with the most qualitative learning experiences.

With the establishment of the new school, Istituto Marangoni will also be looking to develop strong ties with various local brands, professionals and fashion associations. Students will thus be offered a rich internship and work placement programme, along with platforms to showcase their creations to the wider industry and to promote a greater exchange of ideas.

In keeping with its rich legacy and ethos, the Mumbai facility will have some notable and permanent faculty members from Italy, who include fashion professionals and industry veterans. Their focus will be to ensure that the same qualitative teaching experience offered across the other campuses in Milano, Firenze, Paris, London, Shanghai and Shenzhen will also be available in Mumbai.

Given the shifts observed in global trends, India represents the next fashion frontier and the establishment of a new school here in Mumbai will allow Istituto Marangoni to train, guide and mentor talents, who will positively influence the best of Indian fashion and design as well as play a vital role on the global market.

Prior to the school’s launch, Istituto Marangoni operated in India through a representative office, over the past 10 years. Its purpose was to offer orientation services to students as well as to facilitate admission processes to each of its seven facilities. Now, with the opening of The Mumbai School of Fashion, Istituto Marangoni aims to play a critical role in the growth of the fashion industry in India, while remaining firm on the its Italian identity.

The Mumbai School Grand Opening was held on July 28th, with an exclusive Fashion Show. At the prestigious Tote on the Turf, Charlotte Kroon, Choi Yeon In, Lu Xia and Iryna Demyanchuk, talented students from the schools of Milano, London and Paris, showcased their capsule collections. Iryna Demyanchuk, from The Paris School of Fashion, has been awarded as 2017 International Designer of the Year.

Following the young designers’ fashion show, Rahul Mishra, Istituto Marangoni’s new Brand Ambassador, presented on the catwalk a selection of his best outfits.

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