talent projects · amy gambacorta

“hybrid iii” – trend forecasting 2015 for wgsn

name and surname: Amy Gambacorta

course: fashion design womenswear · Master’s Course · Postgraduate Programme

school: London School of Fashion

country: USA


With a Master in Fashion Design Womenswear from Istituto Marangoni London, Amy “Ames” Gambacorta has already gained a 10-year experience in the fashion world. She has worked in public relations, sales and advertising, is familiar with the organization of runway shows, re-branding and product development, and has a good knowledge of the fashion industry at an international level.

In 2009 she launched her own label [ g a m b a c o r t a ] and has already created a number of interesting collections.

All those who participated in the WGSN – Trend Research Project, organized by Istituto Marangoni in collaboration with WGSN – the biggest trend forecasting agency in the world – were asked to create a fashion forward collection (day wear or evening wear,) based on the definition of micro & macro trends for the year 2015. Amy chose to challenge this a bit and to carry out a curriculum project entitled “Hybrid III“, just one womenswear line that could be worn from day to night.

Each piece of the collection “Hybrid III” can be worn in three different ways. Amy has interpreted the WGSN trend starting from the concept of ‘flexibility’. The vision is that of a not well-defined and ‘hybrid’ future, where daily activities are mixed up and sometimes merge in an indeterminate whole.

After a careful analysis of the history of Fashion Design and all of its theories, Amy concludes that the keywords for the future trends in fashion are basically three: Functionality, Technology and Wellbeing. Each piece of the collection is strictly multipurpose, just remove sleeves and caps or tie up a drawstring to get a completely different look. Technology is hidden, but it has a central role: Amy makes her collection special and unique through the use of magnetic closures, double zip, waterproof and breathable fabrics. The result is an incredibly natural collection, hybrid only in its name; white, black and gray (hybrid indeed) take shape in soft and comfortable garments, the casual style and portability of a line that realizes itself in the concept of pure ‘Wellbeing’.

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