Virtual Made Real. How Digital translates into Business

Eleonora Carisi, renowned influencer and art director of the digital agency Grumble, and Walter D’Aprile, founder of NSS magazine, online blog which grew up to become an established, cutting-edge channel with exclusive contents, will be special guests of an open lectured sponsored by Istituto Marangoni, to discuss the highlights of the job of a digital influencer, and what goes on behind the scene of an influencer’s life.

On Wednesday 22nd November, at 6.30pm, at The Milano School of Fashion in via Verri, Istituto Marangoni will host a panel discussion in which Walter D’Aprile and Eleonora Carisi will explain how the digital world has evolved, from blogs up to the most recent developments in personal branding and digital marketing.
Notwithstanding the most controversial aspects of the job, like hidden product placement and ambiguous collaboration with different brands, the meeting aims to disclose strategies and less-known perspectives of a constantly growing business.

In detail, Walter D’Aprile will explain how social media and digital communication tools directly affect business models, whereas Eleonora Carisi will tell her own personal experience, describing challenges and changes that led her to become one of the most important influencers.

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