Known as China’s youngest independent designer, Haotian Wen moved to Paris when he was only 18. There he studied fashion design at Studio Berçot and then took a three-year course at Istituto Marangoni. In 2011, he founded the namesake brand HAOTIAN WEN in Paris, and a year later he released HAOTIAN WEN’s 2013 Spring/ Summer collection themed with “restore”, which interpreted the grace and elegance of black and white with bold minimalist design.

Haotian Wen sticks to feminism deep inside his heart. He says his designs add “softness to a strong woman”. According to Wen, his mother and the women he met in France were the source of inspiration for his ideas; thanks to women, he has learnt to appreciate their maturity and has proved his dedication to creating and promoting the elegance they deserve.

HAOTIAN WEN’s 2014 S/S collection shows us not only the classic colours of black and white, but also champagne, navy blue, and soft pink. These are the basis for working out silk, interwoven straight lines and drapes to  accentuate feminine curves and the position-based attitude. This is the independent and steady woman we all like. With velvet tenderness.


fashion designer, owner of the HAOTIAN WEN brand

Fashion Courses · Undergraduate Programmes · Three Year · Fashion design

Paris school of Fashion


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