Joanna Sartori

Born in Brazil but raised in Chile, fashion designer and Istituto Marangoni alumna Joanna Sartori Lama has always had her eye on design: after a brief experience studying Industrial Design in Santiago, in 2010 Joanna decided to pursue her passion for fashion attending Istituto Marangoni in Paris. Here, she graduated in Fashion Design in 2013 and continued onto a Master of Arts in Fashion Design Womenswear.

Her experiences in Paris shaped her creative views, teaching her the sense of style and sophistication characteristic of the Ville Lumière. Joanna integrated her training and education with some courses at Maison Lesage (part of Chanel’s Metier D’Art), where she immersed herself in the art of embroidery, that has become a distinctive feature in her works. 

While studying, Sartori took part in multiple Paris Fashion Weeks and completed internships in many exclusive brands such as Dianne von Fürstenberg and Paris-based trend-setting studio and consulting agency Nelly Rodi. Her ample and diverse background set her fashion vision: Joanna finds inspiration in modern-day woman through a balanced mix of classic tailoring and futuristic elements, with a constant focus on embroidery and details. 

Joanna relocated to the U.S. in 2016, where she started working as an Assistant Designer for Karolina Zmarlak, a New York design house focused on high-end, made-to-measure and convertible clothing. Here, she grasped the principles of perceiving apparel in an innovative way. 

Joanna recently founded her own company, Sartori NYC. Based in New York City, Joanna’s creations go against the ever-changing impositions of fast fashion, striving for timeless excellence – in every component, ranging from construction to fit and fabrics – designing with ‘elegance and rock ‘n’ roll’ in mind.

Sartori NYC aims to produce pieces immune to fleeting trends, instead made to last a lifetime. The brand’s mission is to hold and support women, both as clients from all over the world and as workers, partnering up with local, women-led factories and seamstresses. 

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