sit down!: the winners

28th July, 2015. Matteo Agati is the winner of SIT DOWN!, design contest launched by Istituto Marangoni and Cappellini in April 2015 during the Milano Design Week as part of the celebrations for the School’s 80th Anniversary. With “Pagh”, a lounge chair inspired by the art of meditation, Matteo Agati won the unanimous approval of the jury, and has been awarded a scholarship offered by Cappellini to the Master’s in Italian Product Design.

The SIT DOWN! Contest has seen young international talents working on the design of a new seating system able to blend western customs and oriental traditions.

The projects, previously developed and shared on Istituto Marangoni “80 chances to be the one” on line platform, were evaluated by a jury including the following industry experts:

Giulio Cappellini, Architect, Designer and Art Director of Cappellini;
Piero Lissoni, Architect and Designer;
Emanuele Farneti, AD Director;
Sam Baron, Design Fabrica Director and Designer.

Supported by:

Massimo Zanatta, School Director of Istituto Marangoni School of Design;
Cristina Morozzi , Director of Education of Istituto Marangoni School of Design

Due to the high quality of the projects submitted, also 2 concepts and 3 special mentions were announced.

Anton Garcia Seoane was awarded for the “best innovative concept proposed for the theme”, while Israel Belmar impressed the jury with the “best interpretation and translation of the project concept;” they were both awarded the scholarship to attend the Italian Product Design Master’s Course on a  50% grant. The Jury also awarded three Special Mentions to Marco Veroli, Viktoria Mindareva and Deyanira Carreon: they received a partial scholarship.

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