Interior Design

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Undergraduate Progression Programmes

30 Jul 2018 - 19 Avr 2019
droits d'inscription INR 100,000
frais de scolarité INR 656,000

Interior designers work on an enormous range of projects, from corporate interiors including hotels to office space, to high-end residential projects, yacht interiors, and ad-hoc private ventures.
This two-year course provides a broad education enabling participants to explore and experience the exciting world of contemporary interior design.
Starting from basic drawing skills for design, alongside the use of colour, fabrics and materials, participants move on to discover more advanced technical drawing skills including AutoCAD and specification and space planning, giving them an opportunity to create innovative and bespoke solutions to design projects.

As well as design skills, the course takes a look at the importance of communication and brand identity in design, discovering how to understand and interpret business requirements to offer proposals that are an accurate reflection of the brand, or client brief.
Lessons in the history of design provide a more in-depth understanding of the industry, along with key notions in creative research, which are essential to engage in forward thinking creative concepts.

Participants study design projects from concept to completion, including key notions in budgeting, managing suppliers and time management, communication of final proposals, and key presentation skills, all specifically tailored to today’s contemporary interior design industry.

Structured in two distinct levels, participants can choose when to build on their experience by progressing from one level to another, giving them complete control on their own progress and achievement. On successful completion of both levels participants will have gained a solid base in visual design to enable them to enter the industry, or to progress further in their studies to a higher level of comprehension and skill.*


The course will allow participants to acquire a solid base and key skills to be able to move forward in the world of interior design, either for entering further education at a higher level of skill or study, or to enter the world of interiors working for a design studio, or as a freelance interior designer.

Progressing Abroad · European Study Option**

Participants have the opportunity to further excel in design, creativity and research, by completing their study pathway at one of Istituto Marangoni’s Schools in Italy – Milano or Firenze. On successful completion of that programme they will be awarded the 3-year Undergraduate Certificate from the Italian school.

**The addition of a short intensive 6-week module of Culture and English Language is required for participants wishing to enter year 3 of Istituto Marangoni’s European Undergraduate Certificate Programmes. For full details and entry requirements please contact the chosen school.

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