asia new generation fashion designer award

Silvia Teh, singaporean designer won the 2015 edition of the Harper’s BAZAAR Asia New Generation Fashion Designer Award.

At its third edition this year, the Harper’s BAZAAR Asia New Generation Fashion Designer Award aims at discovering and developing the skills of promising talents in the fashion industry. Ten young designers from the five countries competed in the

contest held within Singapore Fashion Week at Ngee Ann City on 16th May, 2015, showcasing their creations to an audience of 650 guest.

22-year old Silvia Teh was the overall winner with an exuberant collection titled “Javanese meets Japanese” where she created holographic effects by overlaying organza onto printed fabrics, while seamlessly interweaving Japanese woodblock printing with Javanese prints.

Besides the opportunity to retail her collection to a global market through online retailer Inverted Edge, Silvia has also been awarded a scholarship worth 56,430$ for a Master’s degree in fashion from Istituto Marangoni, in either its Paris, London or Milano School of Fashion. Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore also sponsored $10,000 cash for her living expenses during her scholarship period.

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