we say bravo to daichi

Istituto Marangoni and Japan Fashion Week Organization have teamed up for the official launch of the “Istituto Marangoni Scholarship – Supported by THE FASHION POST” with the aim of supporting emerging designers in Japan. Daichi Enohara is the first emerging designer selected thanks to his unusual background.

Daichi Enohara, a former Kabuki actor who has made rapid strides in his career since he decided to switch to Fashion Design, boasts prestigious collaborations as a costume designer, such as those with Japanese photographer Takeshi Hanazawa and Mercedes-Benz during TOKYO Fashion Week A/W2013-14.
Owner and head designer of the ‘Nyte’ brand since 2010, Enohara attended a one-month special programme at Istituto Marangoni Paris as the winner of the “Istituto Marangoni Scholarship – Supported by The Fashion Post, Tokyo” project.
During the month spent at Istituto Marangoni Paris School of Fashion, Daichi Enohara has been studying fashion image and styling, focusing on the history of fashion and methods for launching brand visuals.

He is now going to present his designs at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO A/W 15/16 in March. His mission is to protect Japanese culture in a new way, without matching Western standards, but rather assessing Japanese fashion on a completely different scale from that of Western fashion. For this reason, he constantly keeps an eye on the international fashion system, in order to learn how not to imitate Western Fashion, but rather promote a unique style of Japanese clothing that can’t be imitated anywhere else.

We say bravo to Daichi!

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