Preparation for postgraduate level study

Preparatory Course

10 Sep 2018 - 28 Sep 2018
tuition fee only € 3.900

This short intensive 3-weeks course improves the standards of design research and creative portfolios presented for admission onto Istituto Marangoni master’s courses.
Candidates who satisfy the admissions qualifications may require additional tuition in design techniques and portfolio presentation skills to accomplish the high standards of postgraduate education; improving their proficiency in creative research, 2D & 3D (CAD) illustration techniques, or in the technical representation of interiors, product, jewellery or textile design. The course focuses on understanding design in relation to space, the environment, or target audience and industry needs, with a holistic vision of the creative process. Tutorials help participants to perfect research through sourcing relevant images and objects, and by analysing cultural influences, fundamental when considering an innovative design proposal, and ultimately, in explaining their own vision and ideas. The study of trends and works by current contemporary design influencers provides a clear insight into the relationship between an original idea, versus a convincing and ‘marketable’ presentation to clients. Participants are encouraged to analyse, rework and adapt their own ideas in order to satisfy a professional clientele, representing their work at industry level, rather than undergraduate. Tutorials, individual meetings and guidance also allow participants to improve their own design identify, strengths, abilities, and passions when planning a successful study path at postgraduate level.


• Creative research and analysis
• Project management
• The luxury industry
• Media and communication in design
• Principles of marketing
• Academic writing
• Professional presentation skills


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