Product Design & Furniture

Designing for tomorrow, with a hint of ‘Made in Italy’ artistry

The course

Product design, project management and the added value of ‘Italianness’. This one year course is for individuals looking for advanced design skills, and an in-depth knowledge of the furniture and contemporary product design industry, becoming experts in managing and developing professional design projects.
Participants learn how to integrate creativity with an extensive knowledge of materials, studying their properties and technical features alongside the application of new
technologies. Graphic representation in the form of renderings, 3D printing, and the creation of small prototypes further assist their ability to design and visualise products in connection with space or location, and accurately evaluate their functional and ergonomic properties. With a focus on Italian craftsmanship, design and style the course explores how Italian manufacturing is exemplary in its identification and use of materials and techniques. Cult products of the ‘Made in Italy’ tradition are analysed in order to fully understand ‘aesthetic sensibility’ - one of the main features of the world-renowned Italian style, and showcased at the most important annual event in the international furniture design calendar, the Salone del Mobile Exhibition in Milano, Italy. Looking at the realities that define tomorrow’s furniture and product designs, participants take a look at key trends, contemporary lifestyles, consumer needs and emotional perceptions, understanding the relationship and ‘identity’ of the project to be developed. They look at new influences in the industry including sustainability, renewable resources, and innovative materials, as well as high profile designer case studies; researching the key steps in project development to obtain a full ‘360°’ vision of product design. Participants build their skills and potential as creative practitioners collaborating with companies on industry projects, taking an idea from concept through to final presentation. Throughout the projects they receive professional feedback and guidance from the company and are supported with business preparation in trends, markets, and communication, providing a professional approach in the negotiation and presentation of ideas to companies and new clients.
At postgraduate level participants will already have prior undergraduate level study, or relevant industry experience in order to successfully follow the course components in creative research, product design, and professional project development.

A final graduation showcase event provides an added opportunity to network with important industry players and journalists, exhibiting final work or portfolios.


• Design of contemporary products
• Concepts in product design
• Reflections on design
• Research methods
• Material studies
• Contemporary italian design manufacture
• On-site research
• Consumer awareness
• Marketing strategies
• Branding
• Client projects



• Furniture designer
• Product designer
• Product development manager
• Concept designer

Course themes

  • design of contemporary products                                                                                
  • concepts in product design                                                                                               
  • reflections on design                                                                                                             
  • research methods


talent projects

Discover the creativity of the curricular projects realised by attendees of the master's courses at the Istituto Marangoni Schools of Design.

Milano School of Design

· Térence Coton

· Hsiang-Heng Hsiao