Home collection

Develop a creative process to evolve and propose coordinated design solutions for the ‘home collection’ market

The course

The master’s course of Design in Home Luxury Collection trains professionals who are capable of translating design thinking, in

a manner that is both sophisticated and creative in a project of home collection. This course is designed for those who already have some degree of training in technical project planning and who would like to acquire a professional preparation in the field of home décor design. The course has the aim to translate, in a manner that is both creative and sophisticated, the style identity of a fashion brand in the living of interior spaces; those dedicated to the hotel industry, restaurants, airlines and cruise ships design, with materials and objects that represent the fashion brand.

The learner will be able to elaborate textures, colors, materials, fabrics, furnishings and styles informed by the understanding of how to create contemporary collections based on luxury living. The interior designer is a professional figure who plans and organizes interior spaces for diverse environments, with a specific competence in the area of project ideas, with creative skill and

a strong aesthetic sensibility, capable of reflecting on the design of the past, in order to develop design concepts for the future. This professional approaches the development of interiors for domestic spaces in harmony with the needs and desires of the client; significant interventions through the placement of materials and products capable of translating the style of brands through a product’s communication in innovatively designed contexts.


The workspaces in which this ever-more sought-after professional works, are those of architectural studios and interior design groups, the offices of international brands, or in the role of a freelance brand consultant.

Course themes

  • Collection development manager
  • Interior designer
  • Textile/print designer
  • Illustrator
  • Materials researcher/trend forecaster

talent projects

Discover the creativity of the curricular projects realised by attendees of the master courses from the Istituto Marangoni Schools of Design.

Milano School of Design

Érica Giacomelli, Javier Velo, Kirill Ivko 

Maryna Chyrak, Marta G. Onieva and Javier Velo 

Pilar Magana

Mariana Camara and Pilar Magana

Nupur Bajaj and Evangelia Kouvaraki