accessories design intensive

The course

In addition to drawing techniques, which are fundamental to the correct development of the creative process, great attention is paid to shoes, bags and leather goods production processes with the aim of verifying product feasibility through the analysis of clear functional and budgetary requirements. A focus also on the main contemporary artistic movements and styles that influence accessories design will allow participants to develop an aesthetic sensitivity and design language and understand the intangible values inherent in the accessories product.

The course analyses in-depth the concepts associated with designing for accessories, prototyping with the aim of allowing the creation of experimental shapes and details, using both innovative and traditional materials.

The figure of the accessories designer is in particular demand by fashion and luxury brands. Accessories, in fact, represent a consistently significant portion of sales for fashion brands. Participants in this intensive course, on concluding the learning process in the classroom and in workshops, will be able to develop original ideas in response to different markets and needs. They will be able to present their creations through new media and graphic technologies, perfectly aligned with the needs of the industry. Job opportunities include collaborations with fashion brands, accessories brands, styling, research and consultancy studios. On completing the course, participants will be well prepared to design collections for different market realities, as well as contributing to professional training in the field of fashion accessories.


Learning outcomes

  • develop techniques and processes to communicate ideas professionally.
  • create and develop a complete accessories collection.
  • design technical drawings for the creation and prototyping of bags and shoes.
  • understand which techniques to apply to various types of accessory and their details.
  • independently develop research.


Course themes

  • design and materials
  • art and accessories design
  • collection development
  • personal research and final collection

combined programmes*

one-year courses + master’s degrees (ma)** · master’s courses*** · cycles de spécialisation**

For students who choose combined programmes, € 5.000 will be deducted from the master’s programme tuition fee selected from the 2017-18 didactic offer and subsequent pricing scale. This is on the condition that the student pays the enrolment fee no later than:

  • 30 April 2017 for those who enrolled on the intensive course in October 2016.
  • 15 June 2017 for those who enrolled on the intensive course in February 2017.

After these dates, no deduction from the tuition fee will be applicable.
For further information please contact the admissions office at the Milano School of Design at  or at the Paris School of Fashion at

*Access to the combined programmes is subject to the possession of a university degree and to obtaining the certificate of the one-year course, according to the academic year and after approval by the admissions committee at the end of the one-year course.
** Students who successfully complete the programmes taught in English in Paris and London will be awarded a master's degree by Manchester Met (Manchester Metropolitan University-UK). Master's degrees include a 12-week work placement. 180 credit points must be earned in order for a master's degree to be awarded upon completion of the course. All candidates should meet specific requirements (please check the website indicating your nationality and study level). For further details please do not hesitate to contact the information office at the chosen school.
*** Students who successfully complete the programmes taught in Milano and Firenze will be awarded an Istituto Marangoni certificate.