portfolio surgery

The course

The aim of this short intensive course is to raise the standard of the creative portfolios presented by successful candidates for Istituto Marangoni master’s courses.

Participants in portfolio surgery are taught proficiency in research, illustration techniques, study of 3D volumes, or in the technical representation of garments.

Tutorials will help students to perfect their analysis of the fashion world through sourcing images and cultural influences, both when considering a design and ultimately when planning the development of a career in fashion. The study of trends in the language of contemporary fashion communication will give students a broad enough knowledge base for them to make a smooth transition to the master’s course.

The approach to design and the technical study of illustration allows for the analysis of the human body and helps students to understand its essential proportions so that they can represent garments effectively. The ability to understand volume and the technical design of clothing will be the goal of the course, one that allows student to have a holistic vision of the creative process.

Individual meetings with the tutors helps students further improve their portfolios.

Learning outcomes

  • develop primary and secondary research using different sources.
  • contextualise current trends through illustrating contemporary fashion.
  • demonstrate an understanding of construction through the representation of technical drawing.
  • present a collection to a professional standard.

Course themes

  • research
  • trend
  • illustration/drawing
  • pattern cutting/modelling