Pattern Cutting


On this intensive course designers will learn the most important elements of cut and construction, which will enable them to pursue their professional development towards a designer-maker label. In the beginning, participants will learn how to develop and personalize the ‘base block’ for their cut. Interpretation of line, volume and silhouette are all studied through an understanding of contemporary fashion practice. Participants will be taught the process of cut and quality control, and how to find and improve any defects. They will also understand how to budget their designs in order to produce appropriate garments for their chosen market. This course primarily concentrates on practical lessons so that the participant acquires the necessary pattern-cutting skills and knowledge to enter the professional world.

Pattern-cutters create patterns based on illustrated designs that will be used in the construction of fashion garments. The designer/pattern-cutter is able to maximize all their skills to create new cuts and ideas that are appropriate for their market, and within the competitive ‘luxury’ industry. At the end of the course participants will understand how to use different materials, consider weight, composition, typology, and demonstrate an understanding of 2d garment cut and appropriate construction techniques.


• Contemporary cutting and product development
• Cut development and the luxury industry
• Construction techniques
• Atelier and new perspectives

Upon successful completion of the programme, the participants will be awarded an Istituto Marangoni Certificate


The course provides the participant with the opportunity to apply pattern cutting skills to a specific market. They will be able to face and resolve aspects of design through the construction process; an added value for any company that seeking pattern cutters who also have a sensibility for design, and a knowledge of the latest trends.


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