fashion production

The course

The product manager is able to turn ideas and design concepts into reality by evolving creativity into something with commercial appeal. Participants will learn about the skills needed to organize and implement the production quality assurance protocols of a fashion product. Participants will acquire a deep and broad understanding of various textiles, their properties and uses. Participants will have an idea of the process of cutting and manufacture in relation to production timelines. This course is for those who already work in or who want to work in this sector and would like to specialize and improve their skills.

Course themes

week 1

Textiles and materials: analysis of yarns, from the fibres right through to the latest technological innovations. Finishing, processing and treatment of special materials such as leather. Print and embroidery. Overview of the fashion system: the textiles sector, areas of processing, production timelines, commercial calendar and the supporting structure. Textile trends in texture, colour and design. Fashion trends in silhouette.

week 2

The product: the technical file. Coordination of image, budget and the timescale of a collection. Understanding the importance of the relationship between supplier and production. Outsourcing production: quality and price control. Preparing a microproposal for the development of a product that simulates the creation of a collection, from the first samples to final production. Interpreting the collection style from the design concept right through to the garment or fabric product.

Prerequisites • qualification or work experience in fashion design, product management accessories and specific sectors such as leather, print, knitwear.