fashion image & styling

The course

The course focuses on the analysis of image and the development of style. From the definition of fashion moods to the importance of accessories, participants will analyse aspects related to traits of the body and learn how to enhance and complement physical characteristics. They will develop a style through the construction of a total look and capture it in a photo shoot.

Course themes

week 1

Style overview: study of past, present and future fashion trends, as well as the elements that characterise them, and tools such as colour, silhouette, garment details and accessories. Participants will receive specific skills in sourcing and collating information from research tools such as books and fashion magazines and through specific virtual domains.

week 2
Personal identity: participants will analyse the different types of human faces and bodies. Participants will be introduced to the skills and techniques used to enhance particular physical features such as hairstyling and make-up. Introduction to photoshoot: conduct an in-depth study of the fundamental elements used to dictate a style (i.e. the importance of colour, silhouette, accessories and their combination). Participants will learn the skills necessary to be an effective personal shopper.

week 3
Style definition: create a styling portfolio, a true style book. Participants will learn to define, develop and present a particular style, which is coherent in all of its visual elements. The final assessment of the portfolio arising from the presentation to tutors, who will give participants feedback on the activities undertaken during the course.
Workshop: a photo shoot experience.