fashion visual merchandising

The course

This course will give participants the opportunity to discover the techniques of visual merchandising and visual display, in order for them to maximise the profitability of a window display or of a retail store. In addition, they will learn the fundamental aspects of consumer behaviour, which is key to creating a unique buying experience for every customer and building a loyal customer base.


Course themes

week 1
Merchandising techniques: aesthetics and the organisation layout. Visual elements of communication outside the retail store: location, analysis of the external signage, the façade, accesses and windows, distinctions between advertising for the commercial and luxury markets. Focus on window displays: research and skills needed to create window displays.
Project 1 · merchandising book.
The guidelines: uses and purposes.

week 2
Layout of a retail space. Elements of visual communication within the shop: analysis of the layout, space assignment according to sales objectives. Identify the ideal consumer path through the space, product and equipment display. The importance of product grouping.
Project 2 · merchandising book.
The shop: image and window display.

week 3
Display techniques. Walls: research and creation techniques. Levels of display, sales and analysis of the “reading” process from the consumer perspective. The offshore and the online store: synergies. Vertical and horizontal display: meaning and creation criteria. Customer loyalty, aftersales techniques and focus on the overall “customer experience”.
Project 3 · merchandising book.
The product: display and layout.