Short Course · 3 weeks

8 Jan 2018 - 26 Jan 2018
full package in twin room £ 4.600
tuition fee only £ 3.400

Programme Specification


This course will give participants the opportunity to discover the techniques of visual merchandising and visual display, in order for them to maximise the profitability of a window display or of a retail store. In addition, they will learn the fundamental aspects of consumer behaviour, which is key to creating a unique buying experience for every customer and building a loyal customer base.


week 1
Merchandising techniques: aesthetics and the organisation layout. Visual elements of communication outside the retail store: location, analysis of the external signage, the façade, accesses and windows, distinctions between advertising for the commercial and luxury markets. Focus on window displays: research and skills needed to create window displays.
Project 1 · merchandising book.
The guidelines: uses and purposes.

week 2
Layout of a retail space. Elements of visual communication within the shop: analysis of the layout, space assignment according to sales objectives. Identify the ideal consumer path through the space, product and equipment display. The importance of product grouping.
Project 2 · merchandising book.
The shop: image and window display.

week 3
Display techniques. Walls: research and creation techniques. Levels of display, sales and analysis of the “reading” process from the consumer perspective. The offshore and the online store: synergies. Vertical and horizontal display: meaning and creation criteria. Customer loyalty, aftersales techniques and focus on the overall “customer experience”.
Project 3 · merchandising book.
The product: display and layout.


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