gozde karasoy

Luxury accessories design & management
Postgraduate · Master’s Degrees* • Master's Courses**
Milano School of fashion

“graphene, collezione accessori donna ss16” di gozde karasoy


Gozde Karasoy was born in Turkey and while studying at Mimar Sinan Fine Art Academy, she worked with well known designer Ozlem Suer and as a freelancer for several leather clothing companies. In 2012, she won a scholarship thanks to which she could enrol in the Fashion Design Womenwear Master’s programme at Istituto Marangoni Milano, where she graduated in 2014. She is currently attending the Master’s course in Luxury Accessories Design & Management at the School of Fashion of Istituto Marangoni.

Gozde Karasoy’s curricular project, titled GRAPHENE, is a SS16 accessories collection for women developed for Diego Dolcini, Italian footwear brand specializing in luxury items.

GRAPHENE capsule collection is inspired by the extraordinary structural element which is the the thinnest and lightest material known to man, where atoms are arranged in 2D hexagonal shapes. The accessories designed by Gozde Karasoy result from the combination and layering of ever-changing geometric forms. A peculiarity of the collection is the utilization of asymmetric cuts mixed with metallic surfaces, with the aim of creating the balance of opposites. Details and shapes are designed according to the demands of luxury target profiles keeping an eye on SS16 trends. Innovative techniques and forms give artistic and expressive value to the accessories in the GRAPHENE collection, with the goal of unveiling the secrets of aesthetic beauty.

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