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fashion lectures in taiwan


fashion lectures in taiwan

03 marzo 2015
Emanuele Colombo, Senior lecturer at Istituto Marangoni Shanghai Training Centre, delivered a series of lectures about contemporary fashion to Fashion Design undegraduate students in Taipei, Taiwan, in early March. The two lectures, titled “The fashion stylist: shaping the boundaries of contemporary fashion” and “The image maker of contemporary fashion,” dealt with the effective key role of a fashion stylist in today’s fashion system, with an insight on the creative process leading from the origin of the concept, to the creation of a legendary image. Colombo’s talks have been a source of inestimable value for the students of Taipei Fu Jen Catholic University (on March 3rd) and Shih Chien University (on March 4th) in understanding the trend-setting power of fashion stylists, as well as their ability to actually change tastes in fashion.

About Emanuele Colombo

Emanuele Colombo is an independent fashion consultant with extensive experience in fashion design, styling and cool hunting. Since 2000, he has been working as a lecturer at Istituto Marangoni in Milan for fashion design, fashion styling, trend & research, and currently serves at Istituto Marangoni Shanghai Training Centre. Colombo graduated with honours in Fashion Design from Istituto Marangoni Milano in 1999 and immediately kicked off his career working with prestigious fashion brands as Giorgio Armani and X-Cape, as well as he collaborated with the free press Hot Magazine in the fields of editorials, street casting, and location scouting. His activity as a Cool Hunter allows him to feed his combined passion for travelling and fashion.
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