industrial product & furniture design

Develop creative thinking and design objects and furnishings for the future.

The course

The aim of the three-year course in Industrial Product & Furniture Design is to harness, nurture and develop the creative talent of applicants in design thinking and its application to the design process and final product realisation. The course teaches the tools and research methods required for the generation of ideas and their processing through drawing, modelling and 3D design to their final presentation. Research abilities and product contextualisation capacities are being developed through cultural and theoretical studies, consumer-, trend- and market research, product branding and analysis of contemporary furniture and product design manufacturing culture.

Studies in the processes of industrial production and organization, material properties, prototyping and presentation skills complete the participants’ training in the all-round vision needed for the realisation and management of an industrial or furniture product design proposal.

Tomorrow’s industrial product and furniture designers must be more professional than ever to manage every phase of the project process, as demand for industrial products and furniture is becoming more complex and the market more critical and complicated. Prerequisites of extended knowhow and strategic capacities in the organisation and completion of all aspects of production turn the contemporary ‘designer’ into a ‘design manager’. The best works made by students during the last academic year will be shown in the Degree Show exhibition.


The course promotes a holistic approach in the journey of a project, in order to provide participants with a basis on which to work both in the design department of large companies and for consulting agencies, professional design studios and furniture companies. They may also work for production agencies for consumer goods, or independently as freelance consultants following the different phases of development of a product, from concept to final realization.

Learning outcomes

  •  carry out the design of ideas through the use of dedicated software.
  •  use software rendering programs to create advanced mapping of objects.
  •  apply the contexts of design strategy as a convergence point between design and business strategies.
  •  consider an appropriate synergy between design and business by applying a design strategy.
  •  generate a project in accord with industrial standards, guaranteeing feasibility and lead time for production.
  •  produce short video footage demonstrating the production of a 3D representation of the object.


Course themes

          I year

  • design process
  • product analysis
  • product branding
  • history of design

    II year
  • design methodology
  • design development
  • design and culture

    III year
  • Industrialisation of the creative process
  • final project and portfolio
  • research practice and theory

talent projects

Discover the creativity of the curricular projects realised by attendees of the undergraduate courses from the Istituto Marangoni Schools of Design.

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