Visual & Multimedia Design

Designer for brand identity, strategist in the business of success through the subject and power of visual communication

The course

The aim of the three-year course in Visual & Multimedia Design is to prepare professionals in the use of language tools for visual communication: from the application of ideas in graphic design and advertising to the construction of brand experience and new media in the world of consumption. The course starts with the fundamental contribution of the theories of perception and Gestalt, enabling the participant to tackle the elements of basic design and the study of contemporary realities and sociocultural scenarios. Special sessions are dedicated to communication through visual language and storytelling, including video and new media. Through the language of graphic design, the course will focus on visual communication as a strategic lever: from the creation of an approach in brand identity to sequential imaging, through advertising or the application of innovative ideas to the field of publishing and the digital world. The aim is to give learners the skills to apply creative solutions to the guidelines of marketing and communication; to sell or promote products or ideas, creating a defined concept, researching and selecting a unique and distinguishing style for different clients and brands in the frame of the culture of our times. Through subjects connected to web and editorial design the participants will create projects that complete the marketing package and the visual profile of a brand.

The course also considers the technical aspects and cultural contents of video equipment and possible animation in motion graphics: design levers that can translate the aesthetic codes of companies or institutions, creating a visual identity by adopting an approach in experimental new media art. In our contemporary lives, in which communication is an indispensable factor in success, the visual designer is a key figure, a creative interpreter able to speak to the market as well as to tackle authoritatively the cultural contradictions of his time. Through the language of graphics and visual communication, the professional can determine the success of a product or service, expanding the brand influence and better focalizing its position in the marketplace or in society. Through the knowledge of marketing strategies, communication methodology and market trends, the visual designer can give a balanced,  congruent and functional voice to a company, to a product, to a service.

The three-year course includes real projects assigned and developed with companies and institutions, with the aim of getting students to construct their own personal portfolio. The best final-year students’ work will be shown in the Degree Show.


A visual designer can run his own business and operate for an independent company or work with an advertising agency, a design office for graphic design and communication, for press offices, magazines and newspapers, publishing houses, web agencies and for companies with an internal graphic design department.

Learning outcomes

  • apply the knowledge of how to use technology in a creative project.
  • manage publishing and editorial projects.
  • build a substantial background in graphic design and applied creativity.
  • understand the components of communication connected with the success of a brand.
  • build a visual identity strategy that is coherent with brand equity.
  • create a graphic layout for a website or a digital application.
  • have technical knowledge of animation and video production.
  • to be able to conceptualize and realize spaces for cultural activities or retail (exhibit design).

Course themes

I year    
• visual design principles
• progressive visual design
• intermediate visual design
• history of visual culture

II year
• visual design and multimedia
• progressive visual design and multimedia
• intermediate visual design and multimedia
• cultural trends and visual culture

III year
• visual design and multimedia portfolio 1
• marketing and brief history of brands
• visual design and multimedia portfolio 2
• mass media theory
• visual design and multimedia portfolio 3
• new trend analysis