The course is designed for PR officers, communication managers, content managers and entrepreneurs of SMEs that want to fine-tune their competences in the fields related to digital communication.
In a world where the standard images conveyed by the fashion world are defined by a complex system of players who, on one hand create and on the other interpret, decode and transfer the messages, depending on the segment of consumers that they are aiming to reach, an in-depth knowledge of the basics necessary for developing an effective Digital PR strategy becomes fundamental.


Weekend 1

Participants will begin studying digital trends and analysing the various social media. They will gain familiarity with the existing social channels and learn how fashion and luxury companies use different penetration strategies in the various media to fulfil their marketing and communication objectives.

Weekend 2

The course will investigate how to define an original, effective digital communication strategy, through the appropriate use of digital advertising campaigns, fashion movies, live streaming, bloggers, events, omnichannels, e-commerce, etc., building bridges between the offline and online worlds. The participants will study these contents in classroom lessons and during workshops with trade professionals.

Weekend 3

Participants will study the phenomena of fashion bloggers and influencers and their evolution over the past few years. How influential are they still in raising awareness in various market segments? When is a blogger truly believable? Who are the leading bloggers and influencers and how do they operate?

Weekend 4

The course will analyse the basic principles of e-commerce, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Digital PR to understand the extent to which use of the search engines can help catalyse web traffic, monitor the traffic of competitors and establish the parameters for analysing the efficiency of the digital communication strategy.



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