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master's course specific to the designer of fashion and luxury menswear lines
In partnership with Ermenegildo Zegna

The course

The master’s in menswear design explores the disciplines linked to the history of men’s clothing, looks at its subsequent evolution and to the designing of collections that are in line with the development of a particular brand.  The students in the course learn to relate to the existing and emerging technologies for production in contemporary fashion manufacture, which stimulates creativity, business practice and the independent skills to respond to the needs connected with contemporary fashion and luxury.

The menswear fashion designer is responsible for the research of  creative ideas for a collection and the source of inspiration for new trends: developing lines for clothing and fabrics, whilst using invention, technology, information technology and trends.  The designer manages to find a successful balance between design and product, market innovations and marketing.  The most important factor: time management, costs and budgets connected to manufacture.

The menswear fashion designer is a highly sought after professional in the world of fashion business management.  The graduate can work for private labels or work alongside agencies, design studios or consulting agencies.  The designer will be able to design garment collections, from woollens to bathing suits, with an eye for the latest evolutions in fashion design.  Thanks to the skills they will acquire on the courses, they can work as product managers and manage production, which is a sector of vital importance for the development of fashion designs.

Learning outcomes

  • critically evaluate consumer needs as well as those of the market and trends for a specific menswear brand;
  • carry out extensive research in the context of art and design for the menswear fashion industry;
  • demonstrate the advanced technical and creative processes that are used to clearly and efficiently communicate a design concept, while reinforcing brand identity; 
  • evaluate and critically apply the theories and techniques used in the development of new design proposals for the menswear fashion industry, demonstrating originality and self-management;
  • successfully carry out independent research;

Course themes

  • menswear
  • connections between design and culture
  • visual communication and brand identity
  • research methods

talent projects

Discover the creativity of the curricular projects realised by attendees of the master's courses from the Istituto Marangoni Schools of Design.

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