fashion promotion & communication intensive

The course

The course aims at providing all the tools needed for graduates to communicate and promote the values of a collection, design and brand with a unique and distinguishing style. Participants are trained for the workplace as enthusiastic professionals able to tell the story and promote fashion and luxury both through traditional and new media, meeting in this way the renewed needs of the global industry.

The course helps participants to analyse and experience all aspects of communication and promotion, to formulate a captivating description of the magic of fashion and luxury. Starting with the study of semiotics, participants will deal with the analysis of the signs and meanings of various messages, throughout different periods and cultures.

The learning of image, trend and market research techniques is at the heart of the programme, as well as the acquisition of those competences needed to communicate with all the supporting roles at the professional’s disposal. Moreover, the course will teach students how to manage, on the one hand, the budget of an advertising campaign and, on the other hand, the dynamics of the support team, i.e. the working team in charge of the devising, design and successful delivery and follow-up of a promotional strategy. The management of events is given deep analysis, and research, both personal and professional, makes the cornerstone of the course.


The fashion promoter organizes the advertising plan and the promotional campaigns, availing him/herself of the most appropriate tools. He/she knows the structure of advertising agencies and public relations and press offices, and he/she studies and adjusts events according to market needs and the target reference. Besides events, which make up the heart of his/her profession, the fashion promoter has a deep understanding of the dynamics in the promotion of fashion products, and of the most appropriate and effective communication channels. The fashion promoter is a key figure for the future. He/she tells the story of fashion and, at the same time, takes part in the rise of new trends. The fashion promoter can work freelance or integrate within the management team of a fashion agency.

Learning outcomes

• to analyse and assess the strategies and tactics implemented by different fashion organizations to promote products and services at different levels of market positioning;
• to fully manage the organization of an event;
• to analyse the principles of integrated communication and be able to assess how these principles are applied to the development of communication campaigns;
• to design and develop communication and promotion strategies able to take into consideration the different targets and their overall competitive positioning;
• to assess how current issues actually include the use of new technologies, the consumer’s change of role and the onset of unconventional communication approaches, foreseeing their impact on promotional strategies;
• to critically assess the works published in the areas of public relations, advertising, creativity and marketing communication and be able to autonomously develop an individual research project.

Course themes

• fashion marketing management

• fashion campaigns and advertising

• new narrative and trend forecasting

• events organisation

• fashion public relations

• contemporary issues in fashion

combined programmes*

one year courses + master’s degrees (ma)** · master courses*** · cycles de spécialisation**

For students who choose combined programmes, €5.000 will be deducted from the tuition fee of the master’s programme selected from the 2017-18 didactic offer and subsequent pricing scale. This is on the condition that the student pays the enrolment fee no later than:

  • 30 April 2017 for those who enrolled on the intensive course in October 2016.
  • 15 June 2017 for those who enrolled on the intensive course in February 2017.

Those who enrol after these periods will not be eligible for a deduction on the tuition fee.

For further information please contact the admissions office at the Paris School of Fashion at


*Access to the combined programmes is subject to the possession of a university degree and to obtaining a certificate on the one-year course, according to the academic year and after approval by the admissions committee at the end of the one-year course.

** Students who successfully complete the programmes taught in English in Paris and London will be awarded a master's degree by Manchester Met (Manchester Metropolitan University-UK). Master's degrees include a 12-week work placement. 180 credit points must be earned in order for a master's degree to be awarded upon completion of the course. All candidates should meet specific requirements (please check the website indicating your nationality and study level); for further details please do not hesitate to contact the information office at the chosen school.

*** Students who successfully complete the programmes taught in Milano and Firenze will be awarded an Istituto Marangoni certificate.