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FAQ Hybrid Learning

For students enrolled in Milano Fashion, Milano Design, Florence, London and Paris Schools, the Digital Learning platform used is Blackboard Ultra, that integrates Zoom platform. In the Blackboard platform, students have the possibility to directly find the links to access all online classes, as they are created and shared on the course page by each Tutor. All students are provided at the beginning of the year with access instruction to their personal One Login page: from this page, they are able to access all platforms / portals available to support their study path - all with the same login credentials. For this reason students don't need to register to any external platform (Blackboard or Zoom), as they have access to them directly from their One Login account, without having to create or set up their accounts. 

The students can independently find the access link for online classes within their course page or through the link provided by the School Student & Academic Service - attendance is recorded by Tutors.

The Blackboard platform (that integrates Zoom interface) offers the opportunity to split classes into breakout groups, in this work they can work separately (online) at their projects. 

Online classes are delivered via Zoom platform interface, integrated within the Blackboard environment; students can interact with their classmates and Tutors with several tools available within the Zoom platform, always supervised by the Tutor. Examples of interaction tools available in Zoom are: chat messages / sharing of own screen / "raise hand" tool / polling. Also, they have available several additional tools within Blackboard, like class conversations, chat and discussions - to interact among themselves and with the Tutors.

Students can request individual meetings to their Tutors: when there is the need, they will be provided a specific Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate link to enter a private online session with their Tutor / Programme Leader.   

Student can autonomously access the recordings of each online lesson; recordings are available already a few hours after the lesson has finished, within their personal course page. Lesson recordings are available for a period of 10 days after the delivery. Moreover students who need to receive the recording can send a request to the School Student & Academic Service.  

Lesson materials are shared directly from tutors with students through the Blackboard platform (that integrates Zoom interface): students can directly access to the couse page and download them.

Lessons are delivered in the language chosen for the course.

Assessments, when needed and when applicable, might also be carried out online. Specific instructions on online assessments and exams are provided by Tutors to all students, at the beginning of the course.