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Icons in a virtual conversation regarding the future of the creative industry, in the age of the Coronavirus
25 Juni 2020


Icons in a virtual conversation regarding the future of the creative industry, in the age of the Coronavirus

As a global leader in education, Istituto Marangoni has the task, and the responsibility, to provide a constructive and effective contribution to the transformation that is currently taking place as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, within the international fashion, creative and luxury systems. A stimulating exchange of creative thinking, new ideas, and opinions from celebrated industry professionals, combined with input from Istituto Marangoni’s own hub of young forward-thinking talents, can really make a difference at a global level, providing suggestions and stimuli for a new future scenario. This is where "ENHANCING THE FUTURE" begins. Istituto Marangoni has developed a cycle of ‘virtual conversations’ on the future of the creative industry – unique chances for reflection, and exchange, to generate insightful outputs. In partnership with Vogue Italia and Elle Decor Italia, the most influential icons of fashion, art and design will join forces to discuss different topics such as; how the actual situation is going to drive a significant change in consumers beliefs and attitudes, how this change may become the basis to rethink the creative process and business practices, and ultimately, how these changes can develop a fertile ground for creativity.

The talks are dedicated to all students and faculty of 9 Istituto Marangoni’s schools worldwide that in this moment are taking part in digital lessons, workshops and webinars, to provide a true global vision and mutual exchange.  The discussions will become part of a global research project in constant evolution. What transformations, opportunities and risks for the near future do industry professionals foresee? How can we guide the new generation that is now living one of the greatest revolutions of the last century? Welcome to the conversation.

Istituto Marangoni – always there to guarantee your future.

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