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talent projects · chyrak, onieva and velo


talent projects · chyrak, onieva and velo

29 Januar 2015

frankie morello maison

name and surname: Maryna Chyrak, Marta G. Onieva and Javier Velo course: Home Luxury Collection Design · master course · postgraduate school: Milano School of Design country: Tukraine, Spain, Spain   Maryna Chyrak, Marta G. Onieva and Javier Velo graduated in Home Luxury Collection Design from Istituto Marangoni School of Design in Milano. Maryna Chyrak is an Ukraine Architect passionate about design, literature and history. Marta G. Onieva, from Spain, has worked for a Naval Architecture Studio as an Interior Designer of Yatch and Luxury Boats. Javier Velo, Spanish as well, before attending Istituto Marangoni’s Master’s programme, studied Architecture in Madrid and Chicago, where he learnt from the legacy of Mies van der Rohe. Their curricular project pays homage to Frankie Morello, a still little known Fashion Brand in the Home Collection scenario. The project, the design of a Penthouse in the city of Milano, is inspired by the Brand’s typical stylistic codes: a shameless yet refined balance of opposites where details become distinctive features. Frankie Morello Maison is first of all a narration: a love story between a “rigid” Swedish architect and a “Mediterranean” fashion photographer from Sicily who decide to move in together. Passion, a clash of different styles and personalities, which result in a perfect balance between two personal views of modernity. The sharp, geometric aspects of architectural design have been smoothed by the use of natural elements and lively colours. The shapes and fabrics used for furnishings reflect Frankie Morello’s unique eclecticism, as well as the Brand’s provocative, ironic vision of Fashion. The participants’ young, versatile style is rendered through functionality and indefinable boundaries, thus creating a concept for a future Home Collection.
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