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Explore Cappellini Multiverse

The exhibition "Explore Cappellini Multiverse" offers a selection of the best designs resulting from this experience.

Cappellini has always been open to experimentation and forecasting future living scenarios. The long-established relationship between the Cappellini company and the Istituto Marangoni Milano Design School has always led to the investigation of new landscapes, materials and intangible suggestions, which may be real or imaginary, representing our tomorrow. A constant dialogue between Giulio Cappellini, tutors and students leads to new perspectives of the brand through unbiased eyes. The result is a set of dreamlike but energetic projects stemming from the unrestrained creativity of international students and the multicultural exchange between their experience and the tradition of Italian design.

The exhibition "Explore Cappellini Multiverse" offers a selection of the best designs resulting from this experience. It was created in Italy but with the world in mind: a world that calls for hope and serenity, especially after the challenges of recent years, through beautiful and respectful projects for a future that promises great changes and opportunities. 



Alexia Hermelin · Alice Bouriez

The Re-Connect refuge is a secluded place, a retreat to find inner peace. The refuge is in the Sella Group, a raw rocky plateau in the Dolomites, that provide inspiration for the internal set up.

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Floating Escape

Federica Di Grazia · Carolina Papais 

Floating Escape is the reinterpretation of the Cappellini refuge concept as a floating sanctuary, a quiet place to reconnect with the inner selves and the environment, from which the digital era and overcrowded cities have disconnected us.

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Creative Collective

Greta Bisogni · Viktorya Demirtshyan

Refuges are seen as a gathering point, open-to-everyone hubs for collaboration, creation and exchange of ideas and experiences, where real life communication, art and design are configured as vital elements to socialize and keep contact with other humans.

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Alice Ballabio 

Abiogenesis is a revolutionary NFT project designed for the Italian furniture brand Cappellini in collaboration with Istituto Marangoni Milano • The School of Design.


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Undivided Design

Maryam Soufan & Silvio Pompei

The Metaverse frees design from the rules of the physical world, offering new opportunities to think of virtual objects as a purely aesthetic experience. “From form-function to form as the new function” is the golden rule of the Undivided Design collection.

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Cadavre Exquis

Riccardo Ciofi

Cadavre Exquis takes its name from the surrealist artists who would use Freudian associations and the stream of consciousness to create their drawings, revealing an irrational reality.

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Cappellini Attico

Almog Alkalay

Cappellini Stay is not an ordinary showroom, it is a place designed to provide the community with a memorable and unique experience, especially after the time of isolation that all experienced over the past two years.

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Cappellini Ultra

Ioana-Stefania Cindea

Cappellini Ultra is a lifestyle-oriented new format of showroom, a real, yet exclusive Cappellini home that allows visitors to experience the Cappellini mood in an immersive and interactive space, where everyone is welcome.

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Cappellini nightclub

Elin Storholm 

Cappellini nightclub is a playful, influential yet contemporary place inspired by a futuristic approach in the 70’s, the years of freedom and transgression, a decade characterised by a veritable explosion of creativity capable of expressing timeless symbols and icons.

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