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master course in fashion elite


master course in fashion elite

19 März 2015
Istituto Marangoni has launched a new Master Course in Fashion Elite, a nine-month intensive course for selected participants held by the best tutors and managers of the fashion industry in the fields of design, art, and business. Aimed at a maximum of 12 excellent candidates per year from the best fashion schools worldwide, as well as talented professionals already active in the sector, the master opens a new opportunity for creativity and business and will train the future leaders of the fashion industry. The course is designed to teach and encourage the synergy among fashion design, fashion marketing and fashion styling; accordingly, the 12 participants will be divided into interdisciplinary groups where design, art direction, and business management backgrounds of each member will eventually merge in one shared push to glory. There will be no pre-constructed units, as contents will be negotiated and driven by each team, focusing on project development. Besides formal lectures and practical sessions, the network of courses will be based on visiting lecturers by industry experienced specialists, workshops and study trips, as well as self-directed study to enable creative and practical skill improvement through an independent actualization of the taught material. Istituto Marangoni Master in Fashion Elite grants renewed energy with its involvement in training thorough professionals capable of understanding, analysing and managing altogether the key areas of a fashion company.

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