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Design for Gaming & Virtual Reality

Gamify brand communication strategies in virtual reality environment
Cycle de spécialisation · Programmes de cycle supérieur · Master of Arts
Programmes de cycle supérieur

Become a designer for gaming and virtual environments with a new cutting-edge and multifaced mindset. Conceive and manage all the aspects of the project starting from concept, going through storytelling and brand identity analysis alongside with the genesis of all 3D assets of bespoke scenarios such as landscapes, interactive objects, tridimensional elements, avatars and sound design using ultimate technologies like AR, MR, VR, XR and Web3 blockchain-based gaming as marketing platforms. Unleash your creativity to gamify communication.


Diving into gaming and virtual environments design has never been so full of new professional opportunities. They are fast growing industries which develop ever new mixed-reality experiences blending knowledge in different fields: design, illustration, art, films, sounds and new emerging technologies.

This Master course is dedicated to creative minds with an innovative comprehensive approach whose aim is to conceive and design the whole gaming and metaverse experience, thanks to deep theoretical and technical skills. They will design the entire virtual path creating contents consistent with brand identity and needs. They will learn the aesthetic culture of digital assets design engineering as well as acquiring a solid design method oriented towards augmented, virtual and mixed media with also attention to the creation of Web3 gaming to enrich even more people’s life with new brand experiences and services. Additionally, attention will be placed on visual presentation skills for the acquisition and management of multimedia and innovation projects. Furthermore, they will combine their technological attitude with critical thinking, considering contemporary cultural assets and impacts on people’s behaviors and psychology.

23 sept. 2024 - 12 juil. 2025
Italian · English  - Frais
Droits d'inscription
€5 500
Frais de scolarité EU
€23 750
Frais de scolarité non EU
€25 400

Spécifications du programme

Virtual Open Day Milano Design
Metaverse Revolution
Visitez l'école · Milano Design
  • Understand design and gaming culture connected with 3D assets digital design evolution.
  • Manage the virtual brand experience enriched by empathetic tools for people.
  • Implement businesses’ potential by considering the full spectrum of opportunities offered by new media, being consistent with their positioning.
  • Develop powerful 3D bespoke experience in Web3 environment to enrich consumer’s lives through the use of ultimate technologies.
  • Transform gaming and virtual reality into a new concrete media where develop more BtoB connections.
  • Designer for gaming
  • 3d asset designer for Web 3
  • VR designer
  • 3D digital assets manager
  • Digital Art Director for gaming
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