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Design School

Milano has always been the capital of fine design. The city’s unique vision combines the creative legacy of the past with innovation and a local entrepreneurial spirit that looks to the future. This approach aimed at research and experimentation is also reflected in the Marangoni School of Design, where students deal with visual design, production, interior and high-level design projects.

London infuses design with eclectic creativity, a contemporary and innovative vision, a beacon for a new generation of conscious and committed creatives, whose search for modern solutions is combined with an ethical and sustainable vision. Both schools provide fertile learning environments that lead to an exclusive blend of cutting-edge design, new technologies and entrepreneurial skills, where theory and practice meet successfully.

Istituto Marangoni & Cappellini working together for Design

The Cappellini company has always been attentive to the latest trends in the design industry, constantly measuring up with young students and designers from different backgrounds, cultures and education.
In this moment in history, Milano and London are where the newest and most interesting trends and industrial design developments come together.

Giulio Cappellini and the company’s creative team have therefore been very happy to design the interiors of the Milano School of Design, as well as the interiors of all Istituto Marangoni schools, including the London school. This is a moment in which industrial culture and learning are getting even closer to the capitals of fashion, art and design.

There is still much to create in the field of industrial design; direct contact and exchange with young creative minds at Istituto Marangoni, namely the new school on Via Cerva, will be an ongoing stimulus to rethink and renew what has been done so far. Allowing young people to experience design in all of its forms, from furnishings to lighting, through to the classrooms themselves, will offer them quality learning environments and stimulate their creativity. Already a byword for Italian excellence in fashion education, Istituto Marangoni is making an important contribution to the world of contemporary design with its Design Schools, demonstrating, through the works of students, that “design” is now a complete, global concept, from the initial idea through to communication.

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